Emilie de Ravin: Planning to Make a Play for R-Pattz?

Could romantic sparks fly between Remember Me co-stars Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin off-camera as well as on-camera?

If the Lost actress’ previous actions are any indication, it just might happen.

Radar Online reports that 28-year-old de Ravin, who recently announced that she’s getting divorced from her actor husband Josh Janowicz, has been harboring a long-standing crush on her leading man.

The reported infatuation began last November, when Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and assorted friends were making merry on the garden Patio at the Chateau Marmont. Also in attendance at the Chateau that evening: De Ravin, who made it quite clear to her pals that she was taken with the young actor.

Eventually, during one of their several trips outside to the gallery to grab a smoke (and a closer look at R-Pattz), one of Emilie’s pals convinced her to go over and introduce herself.

After the two exchanged how-do-you-do’s, they proceeded to chat for about half an hour.

That’s 30 minutes, people. And according to de Ravin’s pals, there was definite chemistry between the two.

And now the two are in New York, with Emilie freshly single, working together on a new movie. Sounds like a recipe for romance.

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Emilie de Ravin will make a pay for R-Pattz, if she hasn’t already?