Hookup Alert: Ashley Greene and Adrian Grenier?

Entourage meets Twilight? Sexy!

The New York Post is reporting that Adrian Grenier and Ashley Greene immediately hit it off at this past weekend’s Oakley’s “Learn To Ride” surf event in Santa Barbara, California.

“Once they met, they were inseparable all weekend,” said the source. “By Sunday night, they were on the dance floor together.”

The hot pair also took surf lessons at the Muscle Milk-sponsored event on Saturday, and met for dinner and dancing at El Captain Ranch that evening. A witness said they were “flirting and dancing close all night long,” adding that “they held nothing back dancing—it was pretty intense.”

Sounds like the two had quite the weekend. Was it a one-time fling? We’ll just have to wait and see. But at leas with a guy in her life, Ashley probably wouldn’t feel the need to blab so much about Robert Pattinson’s personal affairs.

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