Kendra Wilkinson’s Fiance Has a Hairy Situation

Kendra Wilkinson’s fiancé, Hank Baskett, doesn’t mind getting  down and dirty for his pregnant wife-to-be

The football star revealed to E!’s Marc Malkin how tough it is to be away from his expecting Playboy sweetheart, and how there have been times he’s held back her hair while she vomited from morning sickness. 

“I don’t want her in any way shape or form to feel like she’s doing this by herself…there have been a few times that I’ve held her hair,” said Hank. 

Kendra shouldn’t worry about being alone because, according to Hank, Hugh Hefner, Kendra’s former sugar daddy, is going to be in the baby’s life. 

“Hef will definitely be involved with the baby. Hef is a great man, and I know there is more to his and Kendra’s relationship than people see and actually know. I see it every time they’re together,” said Hank. 

And it looks like pregnancy has turned Kendra into quite the scholar! 

“She’s reading….She’s studying up on everything, and that’s why I have to keep my game up, to keep up with her because she’s constantly testing me and asking me questions,” Baskett admits.

Things are getting off to a great start for the couple and we can’t wait to see their relationship blossom on their reality show Kendra.  

Have your say in the comments section: Is Hank Baskett’s morning-sickness assist chivalrous, or just icky?