Ashley Greene: 'New Moon,' New Wardrobe

Ashley Greene: 'New Moon,' New Wardrobe-photo

Good news, everyone; Alice Cullen is getting a fashion upgrade!

Ashley Greene says that Cullen's wardrobe, which was a bone of contention for many Twilight fans, has been vastly improved for the sequel New Moon, WWD reports.

"We had a lot more [money and time] to work with [for New Moon],” Greene says.

Expect to see Alice draped in a gray ombré jacket by Michael Kors in New Moon, while tooling around in a yellow Porsche. Overall. Greene notes, Ms. Cullen will sport a look that evokes a "pretty bad ass" version of Audrey Hepburn.

Can't wait.

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  • Someone

    I don't see how the wardrobe could have been upgraded that much. Alice only has maybe three changes of clothes anyway (birthday, when she comes back, and Italy). Plus in every scene of Edward (Birthday party, the break up AND Italy) he is wearing the same suit with the same blue shirt! Why did they have to do that?? Don't you think if Edward was still wearing the same clothes nine months later Bella would have worked out that something was wrong??

  • kath

    What?! Because I'm black?! i thought that the "I just ejaculated glitter" was the funniest thing i've heard today.. but the black was funnier.. cuz the girl didn't even think about that.. have you read twilight? or seen the movie? :) lol i love you for that!

  • chace

    i got her autograph

  • tya

    What?! Because I'm black?! lol, what? Since when do black people ejaculate glitter in the sun?! ahh, nevermind. Dont answer that. anyway, thats not what I mean! Did you not READ my little witty side note, about my twilight refrence??

  • meg

    I hope they have a new stylist for New Moon. Alice could've had a stunning wardrobe in Twilight regardless of the budget. They made her look like a gypsy.

  • charliemurphy

    ahahaha! were you in the sun?? What?! Because I'm black?!

  • JD

    I'm so excited I just ejaculated glitter. OMG...that's the funniest thing I've heard all day!!! THanks!

  • tya

    I'm so excited I just ejaculated glitter. ahahaha! were you in the sun?? (get it? like its a twilight refrence? y'know how they glitter when in sunlight? haha, I'm so funny :) )

  • cullenblack

    I glad there wardrobe is getting changed some of there clothes were a bit lame and I also can't wait till the film it going to be brill!!

  • charliemurphy

    Are you excited to check out Alice Cullen's upgraded wardrobe? I'm so excited I just ejaculated glitter.