Cops Accused of Sarah Jessica Parker Surrogate Break-In

Scandal in the City!

WTRF-TV reports that a plan was hatched to break into the home of the surrogate who’s carrying Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins—and that police officials may have been involved.

Martins Ferry, Ohio Police Chief Barry Carpenter and Bridgeport, Connecticut Police Chief David DoJack are being investigated by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation for allegedly hatching the scheme to break into the surrogate’s Martins Ferry home. The two are accused of planning the break-in so that they could sell information to a tabloid reporter.

Apparently, a break-in occurred at the home of the surrogate, who is no longer living there, several weeks ago. Investigators have reportedly seized several computers and as part of the ongoing investigation.

For the record, Carpenter professes that he had nothing to do with the break-in. “I’m 100% innocent in this and my department is as well,” the police chief told local NBC affiliate WTOV.