Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: New Posters—and Secrets!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: New Posters—and Secrets!-photo

Check it out, Potter-heads!

With less than a month to go before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters (mark July 15 on your calendars, if you haven't already), a new batch of posters have made their way onto the Internet. And here they are for your enjoyment! Pretty striking, huh?

In addition to the new posters, screenwriter Steve Kloves has spilled some fresh Harry Potter dirt to the Los Angeles Times. In a wide-ranging interview, Kloves reveals that, among the 12 uses for dragon's blood, it makes a pretty dandy spot remover. (This, revealed to him by author J.K. Rowling herself.)

Kloves also dishes about Half-Blood Prince's climactic scene between Snape and Dumbledore, and how it will play out on the big screen.

"It is informed by everything [Potter readers] have come to know is true. So if you watch the film carefully, there are performance moments that are quite extraordinary, Alan Rickman [who plays Snape] especially," Kloves reveals. "There is something we added that you can look forward to, a short scene between Harry and Snape prior to the big event. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays to the audience. It should be a haunting moment for Harry. While I was writing, I just had a notion about a moment between him and Snape, something Harry could look back on and question as to why he didn’t act differently."

Ooh, we're already atingle with anticipation!

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will match up to previous Harry Potter installments?



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  • love

    Twilight is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than true blood. My uncle watches that show and he even says it sucks sometimes. i mean sure its good for an older audience, but twilight is for girls and some guys of allllllllll ages my younger neighbor reaad it and loved it i read it and loved it my mom read it and loved it my grandma read it and loveed it my dad loves twilight and new moon he didn't see eclipse yet. my little brother begged me to take him to the priemeire of eclipse. the facts are that twilight is for people of alllll ages while TB is not. plus Twilight has super HOOOOOOTTTTT and incredibly sexy actors

  • ClAnCiEy

    TWILIGHT is more BETTER than True Blood!!!! True Blood is juz a COPY from TWILIGHT.

  • abyusygsyfg

    twilight are u crazy how could you even compare it with true blood twlight is the best i havent seen anythin like it in my entire life twilight made my life so beautiful

  • amazon

    Twilight is a sweet story. NEWSFLASH: Vampires are everything BUT SWEET! It is just too juvenile for me and being a modern woman, I could not relate to a bunch of High School teenagers. And that's fine, because that is exactly what it is - A young adult Vampire-romance novel. And 'neecee24'-for you to say that True Blood copied Twilight is absurd!! True Blood is an adaptation of the, "The Southern Vampire Mysteries." A series of books written by bestselling author Charlaine Harris that were first published in 2001. While Twilight was published in 2005. So I hardly doubt that there was any copying going on. Although these two series are both Vampire, I feel that True Blood is an actual version of what Vampires are known to be like... What I love most about True Blood, is the 'Setting.' It's in the South, which includes all the political, religious, and back-woods kinda views that still exist today. It and also embraces the modern world and how today's society would respond to the Supernatural. And playfully confirms the exitence of it. What I enjoy most is the rawness of their reality...the sex scenes are just a bonus. I'm curious to see what's in store for the Fourth Season...can't wait!!

  • Truebie

    There is NO argument here. Twilight I think is EXCELLENT for tween/teen crowd, and True Blood is for adults. Period. There is NO comparison. It is also ridiculous to even TRY to break down the two. It is like comparing apples to oranges. One might compare the Vampire Diaries to Twilight but VD came first.I think both True Blood and Twilight series are GREAT for their target audiences though! Now to clear up the "what came first/who is copying who" argument ; True Blood is based on books by Author Charlaine Harris (The Southern Vampire Mysteries) were published in 2001. Where as the Twilight series authored by Steven Meyer were published in 2005. Just for GP's The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith were first published in 1991.

  • Anonymous

    True Blood is NOT a copy of Twilight. Just like the Vampire Diaries is NOT a copy of Twilight!! If you were informed about ANYTHING you would know that both book series were around waay before Twilight. Why does every twihard think all other vamp story is a copy of twilight! if anything it is the other way around...TB rocks!

  • robstenrules

    TB is disgusting, moral-less filth, TWILIGHT encourages true romantic love. Take what you want from either, opinion is just that. Twilight will win this vote.

  • holland

    This world is so polluted with everything sex. Its the bottom line to everything on television and in movies! Iam glad that stephanie meyers teenage stories and the movies are pushing celabicy. :)

  • anshuu12

    there is no comparison ....... of twilight at all it is the best .................. in its terms

  • D i a n a a a  Y o'
    D i a n a a a Y o'

    Wow Seriously??! You Dont Even Kno Anythin!! Twilight Is Better Then Freakin True Bloodd! i Mean All the writer thinks of is SEX SEX SEX!,i mean hellooo, CREEP!! && Vampires ARE Wut Steph Wrote!

  • ;-)

    true blood has everything a vamp should be and much more, twilight books are good but not the last one thought it was crazy and sick the movies are like vamp wanna be s for dummies, marble statues that drink blood are not vamps lol i guess the write had trouble naming her new creatures.

  • neecee24

    you can tell true blood was copied from twilight i mean he took the whole mind reading, the enemy with blond hair and everything its all twilight people he cant even think of anything else that didnt come from twilight its rediculous.

  • aizawest1
  • danas3 / tia
    danas3 / tia

    omgggggggggggggggggggg ................... daniel radcliffe looks handsome ???????????????????????? I like it film harry potter and you're so sweet daniel redcliffe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you

  • Kirstyyyy

    you people are obviously not true harry potter fans if you didn't know that Ginny is Harry's wife.



  • Lizzy

    Yo, what planet are you living on? lol She's Harry's wife.

  • Yo

    Who is Ginny?

  • Guest

    So excited for Harry and Ginny. :)

  • Emily

    Bonnie Wright looks beautiful!

  • alavanille


  • leslie

    it will be even better :) cant wait !