Heidi and Spencer Pratt: I'm An Author...?

Heidi and Spencer Pratt: I'm An Author...?-photo

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt just won't quit.

After getting into a huge squabble with Al Roker earlier this week, now the newlyweds have announced that they are working on a book about how to become famous.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the attention-seeking couple spilled about their upcoming plans to pen a book. Heidi said, "We have a book coming out. We co-wrote this book. It’s going to be a life-changing book to civilization."

Spencer's response? "Very good quote. Thank you Heidi."

He added, "It’s a 'How To' guide, something that Heidi and I specialize in. We’ve been working on this book for the last two years, you know, all of our strategies and things that we have learned through the ropes of—let’s say —pop culture."

They wouldn't dish out any more details, but Heidi said, "We love sharing, we’re team players. You just have to buy the book."

TV shows, rap songs, music videos, dry shampoo lines, books...what's next? Please make it stop!



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  • sym135

    i like them both soo i didnt vote:)


    Okay, LISTEN UP, demi by far is, and should be the teen queen! She has an amazing voice and shes hott, except for that periodwhere disney made her sculpt her eyebrows which made her look horrible but I stood by her, now she looks amazing and who doesnt love her rock edge! HANDS DOWN demi rules, and selena really ant sing, live her voice is unbearable! but no one pays attention that, of course!

  • Natalee

    I vote Selena! She has talent and she is sweet! She is kind, and by far the ONLY disney star who hasn't let fame become the center of her life. Demi is self-centered and conceited in my opinion.

  • sisi

    selena gomezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelly

    i really like them both, but i think that Selena is much more of a role model for young children, shes extremely classy and she does so much for charity, for example unicef. But i must admit i do love them both and when it comes to acting i like Selena, however the singing side of things i prefer Demi. I do love them both though :)

  • Andreza

    Sorry Selena but I love Demi Lovato

  • demiluver333

    everyone shud vote for demi cause she can dance sing, act, shes funny shes nice AND SHE BOUGHT HER PARENTS A HOUSE FOR HER 18TH BIRTHDAY FOR GODS SAKE!!! persnally i think selena is annoying after a while and she cant rlly sing. but its just my opinion selenas okay i guess :/ vote for demi! :]

  • soolsi

    forever selena! :)

  • fgsgssdsfdff

    welll im jus voting for selena to piss off my sis

  • jenn

    selena gomez has my vote this battle is not about who sings better. its overall so selena should win.

  • kelly

    obviously Selena Gomez should win this. shes worked her way to success by herself without the help of other famous people.

  • Ems

    Demi is a better singer, but Selena is a better actress, better role model, prettier and just seems like a nicer & better person.

  • Jenna

    I love them both, but for the label 'teen queen' Selena is more appropriate. Demi seems way too mature for the title and her tastes in fashion, music and makeup is more sophisticated and grown-up then Selena, who prefers to go safe and stay true to the Disney spirit.

  • Sueeee

    well I think Demi is way better than selena because, when she `s famous, she`s already a singer. not like SELENA GOMEZ, SHE LEARN HOW TO SING BETTER WITHOUT SCRATCY WHEN ITS HIGH NOTE, no offence but its the fact! :))

  • jenny

    i agree with mckenzie selena gets too much attention, i like her but i love demi and i wish she got some attention too :)

  • sara

    i think both are great, selena is a better actress and demi is a better singer, but if i have to choose them demi, I LOVE DEMI

  • sarah

    i love demi

  • Dalina

    SELENA GOMEZ GOSH I LOVE HER SOOOOO MUCH more than my life really

  • michelle

    they r both great but....DEMI DEMI DEMI!!! she can sing better than selena

  • äpkj#


  • frenchgirl

    i love both!!!! but i prefer demi more than selena :D

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  • mckenzie

    i'm sorry but selena gomez is getting to much publicity by disney and shes gonna start to think that she is better then she is i feel sorry for demi because disneys not paying attention to her sorry selena but im voting for demi all the way

  • monykassem

    demi is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay talented than selena demi's voice is pure and beautiful while selena's voice is pretty awful. demi is songtress and actress while selena is only an actress

  • Jules

    Selena gomez all the way demi had to get her teeth all straight in order to be on sunny with a chance that show stinks compared to wizards of waverley place and camp rock stinks compared to ramona and beezus also unless you like punk rock or something u would like demis style selenas just naturally pretty in every way possible i would have to give singing to demi though but more of selenas songs have been played on the radio like round and round and naturally demis only song ive heard is well be a dream i have to admit thats a really good song but technically she didnt sing it she was featured tjough all around its selena gomez

  • Karool


  • Karool


  • Karool


  • nickjislove

    DEMI. I love both girls, and think they're both extremely talented, but Demi, more so than Selena. I personally think Demi is the most talented actor and singer out of all the teen stars, and she's the most beautiful, HANDS DOWN. I find it completely unfair that Miley and Selena (I love them both, I'm not a hater), have way more recognition than Demi, who is honestly, WAY more talented than the both of them at all aspects of her career. If Selena wins, it's just because of her popularity, not because of talent. If this was a question of who's more talented, Demi would win, without a doubt. (:

  • kaylaforniababe

    to me Demi wins all except one: Acting. Demi is not a bad actress (i actually think shes really good :)) but Selena is just better. but as for looks Demi is way beautiful (I like how she has her own style...Selenas just pretty...) Obvs. unless youre a deaf person Demi is an amazing singer ...(the best at Disney...) as for Selena..she just cant sing it doesnt sound good... i dont think its fair that Miley or Selena get more recognition when Demi has more talent than the both of them put together (but i guess its just a game of "who has the most viewers??" on Disney) i cant wait for Demi to leave Disney..and make a name for herself. :)

  • livilu1

    sorry demi , but i kinda like selena better , but i still love you . and selena i love your music and your style , but i want a star that can be nice and at the same that can curse . sorry .

  • skc211

    well demi lavato is not that bad but if you ask me they are both the same right now

  • angela

    Its not hard to figure out. 1. Get money. 2. Use money to hire GOOD publicist. 3. Have publicist call paparazzi and convince them that you are famous and they need to come take your pictures. 4. Be in tabloids. ---- Being famous isn't something I'd give a horse's ass about - because being famous means nothing anymore. You're not talented or respected. You're just famous. Look at the Kardashians, the Hiltons.... etc. All they are is rich.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Invest in Crayola stock now people, because obviously these two will be going through a lot of crayons.

  • Molly

    When will these two go away? I wish the media would stop reporting on the 'famous' couple so that they'll fade away.