Kate Gosselin: Drinking the Pain Away?

Oh no…today’s really not Kate Gosselin’s day!

Earlier, we showed you the shocking pictures of Kate smacking her daughter Leah in full view of the ever-lurking paparazzi.

Now, the National Enquirer is claiming that she’s been turning to bottles of booze to calm herself down after long days on the set of Jon & Kate Plus 8 with her octo-brood.

The source—who claims to have worked for the Gosselins for six months until summer 2008—spills, “By the end of the day after the kids were settled, Kate would drink a bottle of wine by herself. This happened several nights a week.”

While many people have been assuming it’s hubby Jon Gosselin who has been turning to substances to ease the stress of his day-to-day life, it seems as though he didn’t approve of her boozing.

“Jon didn’t usually drink with her, and he didn’t seem pleased with it. He’d roll his eyes and tell Kate to put the wine down. She’d answer, ‘Screw you. I’ll do what I want.’ Her frustration with the kids seemed to be taking a toll, and drinking was her outlet.”

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think it’s appropriate for Kate to drink a bottle of wine per night?