Rob Pattinson Begs Kristen Stewart for a New York Minute

Rob Pattinson Begs Kristen Stewart for a New York Minute-photo

Sounds like Robert Pattinson is getting a little lonesome while filming his upcoming romance Remember Me in New York.

OK! Magazine reports that the Sexiest Vampire Ever has been reaching out incessantly to his Twilight co-star and rumored love interest, Kristen Stewart—and is even desperate for her to pay him a visit.

"Rob is constantly texting and calling Kristen to ‘check in,’ ” says a source. “He’s invited her and their New Moon co-star Dakota Fanning to fly to New York and hang out with him and his friends some weekend—his treat."

Of course, K-Stew's schedule is a little tied up at the moment—she's busy preparing to film the upcoming Joan Jett biopic The Runaways with Fanning in Los Angeles. To say nothing of her busy night life.

But then, with Rob's Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin reportedly eyeing him like a juicy steak, perhaps Stewart could stand to pay him a visit.

Readers, sound off in the comments section: Should Kristen drop everything and fly out to see Rob?



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  • Ofelia Fuchser
    Ofelia Fuchser

    Good article ... bet it was written by someone on lol

  • crazy4robnkristen

    they would make a really cute couple but i think we just think that cuz we no them as a couple from twilight where they are madly inlove. if we didnt have them as a couple there we would not think they were cute... plus he invited Kristen AND Dakota... "Says a source" thats soo f 'd up... i mean at least get real news if you want to put something online... do they think we were born yesterday?

  • aizawest1
  • twilightfreak

    Kristen should absoluetly go see him. I mean if there are umors of hima and emilie then she should go deal with it. She needs to put Emilie in her place and tell her back off her

  • Livs

    hmmm. not gonna lie to you... im pretty sure the sun glasses on her head look some-what like robs.... ???

  • ilovetwilight1


  • Ashley

    Just get a damn airplane, Kris. hhaha I KNOW RIGHT GET IN A DAMN PLANE ALREADY

  • anonymous

    yes! yes! yes! kstew. seriously, you know you want to.

  • nickki

    I dont know really if kristen needs to see rob then pack our things kristen ad just leave,robert has been doing some stuff im not that proud of dinning with ther women and getting cozy but i dont think his in bed yet but kristen needs to find a way to him,if kristen see him soon then that means she moght be head into the twilight zone for her and rob..but they must know that if there going to that road they need to be heading that road together...rob will and always miss his best bud so wil kristen but,if it's being together is want they want than dont eat there saying'I need you to come with me?' kristen needs to make up her mind but going to new york and just standing there a seeing rob's face in a long time might be good for her and I think rob is trying to keep himself busy worring about kristen than cheating on th one he might love and have for so rob and kristen life has some miss wrong and some right truned but think smart,take some time and just be who you are.

  • poonam

    i think rob loves kristen's they love each other they amzing couple they should be together how much he date to other woman but deed inside i thinks he love kristen

  • Hanna Hanafiah
    Hanna Hanafiah

    Yes. She should. He and Kristen are totally meant to be!

  • perle

    If kristen and robert are just friends and nothing more...then why? is their a video of kris & rob coming out from a bungalo at the charlie hotel in LA, and there is a photo of kris with rob hidding behinde the door of a black SUV? I have many guy friends who i hang out with but i definetly don't check in to a hotel with them and spend the night there together...only boyfriend and girlfriend do that.

  • Rhaissa

    ele devia ser cavalheiro e ele mesmo ir á L.A ver a KStew ! Porque que a kris e a Dakotta têm que ir lá ? huum ' mesmo assim, AMO ♥ Robsten !

  • pam

    that`s right he should go and look for kristen because she`s the coolest one

  • kim

    God damn it !!!!!! MAKE IT PUBLIC OR JUST SAY THAT YOU ARE CERTANLY NOT TOGETHER ,,, But DO something !!! its so annoying to hear people and stes saying rumors about you rob and krist !!!!!! Good life to you two and be carefull in what you decide to do take care

  • Lulinicholas

    Kristen is much beautiful (L) Robert is of Paulina Tomisich, she loves he with the heart, sky and everything. I love you Nicholas (L)

  • Pam

    It sounds like Rob is busy with Emilie, Eva, Camilla etc. Maybe Kristen should not visit him...see if he is really pining for her.

  • kk

    agreed, rob should visit kristen instead of the other way ... kristen is doing her very best in her new role ... she's been so hardworking, really admire her for that. Damn those jealous bitches, get a life, instead of hating on her. If rob miss her, get on a flight when he's free, as for those girls trying to put a hand on him, if he isn't a player, he won't take their offer .. kristen needs a good man in her life, if rob suckass, get the fu*k away fr her..

  • artiaston

    they should be together. just ROB & KRISTEN

  • bellabells68

    I miss seeing them together so much. Please make it happen.

  • :P

    grrrrrr..... I LOVED almost everything about that until it mentioned DEKOTA FANNING.. i hate her so much..

  • love

    if this was true i think they would have announced it themselfs, if they arent together then thats fine with me but if they are then good for them you guys cant believe with everything a magazine if saying, they make alot of sh*t up

  • qemsa

    i think it is weird that Dakota is suddenly hanging out with rob and kristen... :P

  • jess

    geez cmon kristen, just get on the airplane already.

  • destany

    they are so cute together !!

  • rachel ;)
    rachel ;)

    kristen go visit him b4 tha bitch gets to him! robsten foreva!

  • Meh

    I thought David Boreanaz was the sexiest vampire ever?

  • robstenforever

    plz plz plz kristen!!!!!! plz fly to ny i cant stand to see you and rob separated!! i love robsten!!!!!!!!

  • cathy


  • Jess

    Kristen has gotta go 2 new york :)

  • Get over it
    Get over it

    There are so many rumours flying around...I hope these articles are made up. I would rather see Rob hook up with Emilie than KS. She is too young for him and just got out of a relationship unless she's a player..jumping from bed to bed. You guys are messed! If they are to hook up do you know how this could affect the rest of the twilight series...I don't care if they hook after the series is done but for now hopefully Rob is smart enough to think with the right head(lol). If he wants to ruin is life after the series so be it. This love affair could be a complete catastrophe if it happens while filming is taking place.

  • aloyslove206

    why on earth do the mags have to make RPattz always look so desperate by making up all the cr*ps about him begging KStew?! Always "an insider said" or "according to a source"! The gossip mags are best at making things up. I see that RPattz looks comfortable working. He doesn't look that desperate or whatsoever... KStew is just another friend. RPattz said that the "story" of him dating her was ridiculous and became a joke. So, stop the bullsh*t please.

  • EBONY6

    When will the absurd rumours ever end !!! Thank god Kristen and Rob don't read this S H I T !!!

  • EBONY6

    When will the absurd rumours ever end !!! Thank god Kristen and Rob don't read this S H I T !!!

  • EBONY6

    When will the absurd rumours ever end !!! Thank god Kristen and Rob don't read this S H I T !!!

  • EBONY6

    When will the absurd rumours ever end !!! Thank god Kristen and Rob don't read this S H I T !!!

  • anonymous

    ah...duh...who does she think she is...isn't he goo enough for you....yeah right....she doesn't desrve publicity she cant even act

  • Rebecca

    Well Kristen the pressure is on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that you should see Robert, I know of your dilemma been there, its hard to love two people at the same time, your relationship with Michael I feel would end up as a habit, where the excitement, new horizons with Robert is a future horizon not yet explored. Darn girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck but I go with You & Robert.........

  • Guest Nameddf
    Guest Nameddf

    stay away from him kristen he is trouble he is known to sleep with everyone. c'mon rob leave her alone she doesnt want you go f-ck your 30 old hag emile whatever bc everyone knows you are already

  • loveghost

    If only it were true that rob & kris are together but maybe they are just good friends and nothing more. If this rumor were true i definetly think that rob should go visit kristen in LA rather then her visiting him at NYC. Guys need to do stuff for girls its always us grabbing a plane to go see our boyfriends..its time for them to show us how much they care & how much love they say they have for us. I personally have traveled far to another country to be with my man and in the end we broke up. So he should be the one to go see kris if he feels lonely and misses her. I totally agreed I would pleasant my guy do that to me I would love him more..Rob should go to her first than she go to him first u know.. I totally agreed with you ..

  • belinda

    i agree with u girl all this magazine romance is bullsht if rob says hes single LEAVE IT AT THAT if kristen happy with her boyfriend im happy for her 5 years is along time to waste just leave her alone

  • pearl

    If only it were true that rob & kris are together but maybe they are just good friends and nothing more. If this rumor were true i definetly think that rob should go visit kristen in LA rather then her visiting him at NYC. Guys need to do stuff for girls its always us grabbing a plane to go see our boyfriends..its time for them to show us how much they care & how much love they say they have for us. I personally have traveled far to another country to be with my man and in the end we broke up. So he should be the one to go see kris if he feels lonely and misses her.

  • bellabells68

    They should both get away from crazy paps and fans. Hope they are happy togther soon.

  • georgia12

    YES!!!! Kristen should so go and visit robert . If i was her i would be on my way as soon as he asked

  • jlc7749312

    ya she should i want her to visit him cuz they are so cute togther

  • mona


  • Cristy

    The best scenario for those two is to reunite in the middle of nowhere, but then it wouldn’t be as fun because we won’t get to see it.

  • twilightobsessed

    HELL YEAH!! SHE SHOULD VISIT HIM! THAT WOULD MAKE MY YEAR! haha. but then again..this is jus a rumor..who knows if this is true?!? it may be all bs..i hoping it is true though. =D TEAM ROBSTEN!

  • G.G

    OH HELL YEAH!!! I know that i would in a heart beat i would make all his pain go away lol

  • axa

    be PATIENT, rob.... just let her finish her film and rest for awhile.... you can still meet each other, right??

  • rwaw

    thats not real. but i want it to be real though, hahaha

  • this_gurl

    Stop making it out to be more than it is. Rob and Kristen are just friends, nothing more. My friend WORKS on Twilight, and said it himself, they're just friends. Rob doesn't like her that way, and Kristen is happy with her boyfriend. They aren't going out, they don't want to go out. And Mahla - Kristen Stewart is going to ruin my idea of Joan Jett. She can't act.

  • Brenda

    Kristen hasn't been spotted with her boyfriend, M.A., for quite awhile now and they are both in L.A. The facts are that she did spend the night with RPatz the night after the MTV movie awards... there's a video and pictures of them outside of the bungalo at the Charlie Hotel where they emerged at noon the next day. And that's just rubbish about Robert being seen with Emilie and Camilla Belle the other night... the "source" says they walked out of the hotel bar and there were no paparazzi in sight as they got into a cab! That's B.S.!!!! Rob is mobbed by paps every second of every day. No way he was with two beautiful women and there were no paps to get a picture. There would have been at least 87 pictures from every angle of this. This "source" from Radar Online is a big liar. Go Robsten!!! Hopefully she'll get some time off in a few weeks and they can meet back up.

  • robloves

    i really like to see them together, cause they always look like happy together n that can make me happy to. i think they really should be together.

  • Ixa

    Why don't they just meet up half way, somewhere in Colorado in a cozy cabin in a mountain. That way they each only travel about 4 hours. Come on, be creative....

  • aslkdalksd

    of course....if she says no she´s will be more tha made.........

  • jrehgk

    as iiiif a 23-year-old would like to hang out with a 15-y-o & also think neither does kristen i mean COME ON! write better things than this!

  • lisa

    They look miserable because they are, who wouldn't be with the overnight mania that has struck (him especially)! Kristen is a little like Bella with her Edward or Jacob or should I say Rob or Micheal?? If they are meant to be together, the time apart won't matter, and could probably help. Rob has to be a bit suspicious of any girl's sincerity now, he knows Kristen liked him before he became Edward..that has to count for something.

  • cookie

    I really think they are together,RP &KS. I was looking at Brad & Angelina's photos when they were promoting Mr.& Mrs. Smith and also the Premier, they had photos together but looked like they were forced at it. Well now we know that they were together and everyone in their movie crew knew it. They just kept silent. It's like Kristen & Rob they are not really close to each other in the pictures like they're shy to be near each other, they probably want to keep their relationship secret until the time is right. And Kristen doesn't have to feel guilty about dumping MA. For crying out loud they were just dating. Some people are married for years like BRAD & Emilie de Ravin and still get divorced. She's only 19 she can hook up with whomever she chooses! She is gorgeous and natural and that's what guys are after.

  • bellabells68

    I miss seeing them together so much. They should get together soon.

  • jaime

    she should do herself a favour and rob by going NY to see him. They look miserable without each other. I know that they are both making movies at the moment, so finding time to see each other will be tricky. But if that was me I would do my damndest to take the time out to see each other.

  • bellabells68

    Hope they will be together again soon. Miss seeing them together so much.

  • angelicious

    Could she look more stoned???

  • alavanille

    They're all so ANNOYING! UGH, I am so sick of Twimania. I'm going to go and kill Stephenie Meyer now, yes...

  • lizbizz11

    Ok seriosly Kristen needs to get her ass up there. I do not want Emily de Ravin with the sexiest vampire ever. He is all Kristens.

  • Jackie

    yes yes yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ninika

    I don't know if is true. Lots of magazines are talking about their romance. But at the moment I didn't see anything about this. His humility will be your force against the envy.

  • asda

    their both busy doing there other movies which is exactly why i think their not together, their both really busy right now i think there just close friends.

  • denise

    i think she could afford a quick new york minute and dakota too and then he could check his schedule and do the same to visit her in l a as weel lol to rob and kristen the faith is there from your fans

  • amazzing555

    Damn, these effing papparzi's: GET A LIFE!! Are any of you RPattz? No.. Are any of you KStew? No.. so go suck a dick, you don't even know their REAL lives!! and all you are doing by swarming them with cameras all the time is pissing them off so you can say that they are "always depressped" because you just want your goddamn photos to sell so you can get mega-money and spend it on hookers cuz you have nothin better to do!!! Leave these innocent people alone and find something better to do with your lives, cuz what youre doing now is just wrong!! GOSH!

  • Sarah

    I thought vampires could fly? HA Ha HA Oh no they move at a light speed! and anyway - why should she fly to him why can't he fly to her? this ego thing, i don't get it. My Boyfriend used to surprise me with his presence when he missed me - So am sure this media hook-up is just empty gossip! if he really was involved with her in any way he would rush to her not her to him!!!!! I thought thats what vampires are good at - being gentlemanly.

  • Penguins1

    I think she should so Emilie De Puke doesnt steal him

  • Mel.X

    Yessss! Even if there not dating, Rob is f**kin hot!! (; x

  • Shaura26

    Did anyone ever think that maybe Rob is just searching for something familiar? Maybe he is frustrated and tired of all the crazy fans. Kristen and him did work together for months and hit stardom at the same time right? Like I said he probably wants some one around he can relate to......the familiarity. And by the way Noah... is it time for round 2?

  • Johanna

    I thought vampires could fly? U r Very Funny lol

  • chana

    Kristen doesn't have a chance. Rob can get any woman in New York he wants...let him blow off some 'steam'. She will see him soon enough.

  • duda e sil
    duda e sil

    gaaaaaaato :) gostoso:) o cabelo dela ta show (Y) :O amo (L)

  • fagur

    god, kristen looks pretty low in that photo... and for heaven's sake, they're NOT dating!

  • evita1500

    I believe in Robsten, but this story is bull!

  • Blue

    Kristen + Rob = Awesomeness i wish them the best as a couple or just goo friends

  • hik

    so fake its all bullsh*t

  • john

    Kristen better get her ass to New York. Knowing that Emile is a super slut

  • Cristy

    Can't wait for pics of those two together again... where ever, don't care about the specifics. They do make a cute couple and have so much ahead to come (two more movies).

  • noah

    I thought vampires could fly?

  • selena

    they both need a break beacause they look tired as hell

  • RobstenLIVES

    Robsten REUNITE!!

  • robsten

    how the hell is she going to be able to go to new york without paps, killing her? And btw, the camille and emille story is FABRICATION. camille is HAPPY with joe!

  • maja

    anybody know which guitar she has?

  • Kolombia

    KRIS TIME TO VISIT ROB AND SOON, I love the idea Robkris together.

  • bea

    kristen needs to go to nyc. after robs week in filming remember me and getting mugged by the fans he needsher there to calm him down some and they need to spend some time together. yeah get on a plane and go see him you have come along way to get him now go see him.

  • luvrk

    yes..ks definitely has to visit her gorgeous significant other in show her care n support for her beloved...

  • cullenblack

    I LOVE the idea of rpattz and kstewart being together. They are such a cute couple!! But rpattz should move on and get over himself coz kstewart has already got a boyfriend!! xx

  • fandango

    '...Says a source' = we made it up. How much longer is the media going to insist there's something going on. God, they're FRIENDS. Just get over it people and move on with your lives! Feel sorry for them having this incessently rammed in their faces all the time. Feel even sorrier for poor Kristen's boyfriend.

  • bellabells68

    Hope they will see each other soon. Without the world watching them too!

  • jaycksonlucytwilight

    Just get a damn airplane, Kris.

  • mahla

    he should go to LA if he wants to see her - Kristen's movie role is far more demanding than his right now. she doesn't need the extra stress of traveling on top of trying to give the performance of her life.

  • Melissa

    Time to go to NYC!!!!!!!! Put these insane remors about him with other women out with the trash!

  • ali

    Such rubbish. It been epored Rob was otu with Camilla Bell and Emilie so he's hardly pining over kristen.

  • Claire

    I think they need a "New York Minute" lmao. If you know what i mean of course ;)

  • missyninz

    please. for rob's sake. LOL. no, i think, if they're really a couple, though they've got to spend time with each other, they should also understand each other's situations. busy busy. to think their last badabing-badabong was on june 1st, after mtv movie awards. must be bad rpattz--if he really is her man candy for the moment---which almost everyone seems to think so.. LOL.. xoxo

  • evol..♥

    YESSSSSS....:D..............go robsten...wahoo..:P