Stephanie Pratt Says ‘The Hills’ Makes Her Sick

If you’ve ever watched The Hills and felt like throwing up, you’re not alone.

Hills personality Stephanie Pratt admits to Us Magazine that she’s been struggling with bulimia—and it’s all the fault of her skinny castmates.

Pratt, 23, says she descended into her cycle of binge-and-purge hell after seeing footage of herself next to Lauren Conrad in 2007.

“I was horrified,” Pratt recalls. “I remember saying, ‘I can’t believe how huge I look walking over to Lauren.'”

Working alongside slender Hills brunette Audrina Patridge hasn’t helped matters any, either. Pratt was particularly struck while filming in Hawaii with A-Pat. Wearing a bikini and a cover-up. Pratt asked Patridge, “What looks better, shirt on or off?” and Audrina curtly replied, “On.”

Ooh, burn!

“The producers never put pressure on us to lose weight,” Pratt admits, but adds, “It’s embarrassing working with skinny girls.”

Good thing Lindsay Lohan isn’t on The Hills; then Pratt would really have something to worry about.