Dakota Fanning With A Cherie On Top!

Dakota Fanning With A Cherie On Top!-photo

These Runaways chicks are sure lucky!

First, Kristen Stewart was spotted chillen with the real Joan Jett earlier this week. Now, Dakota Fanning is also hanging out with her film counter-part, as she was spotted heading into a Hollywood recording studio with Cherie Currie on Tuesday.

With all the hard work these girls are putting into turning into real rockers, this movie is guaranteed to be awesome!

Have your say in the comments section: Are you excited to see Dakota become Cherie Currie in The Runaways?



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  • CarolMar

    I just really exciting to see this two young girls working in this movie; I love Dakota she´s a great actress, Krinten I put all the confidence that you will do a great job in this movie....Just wanting to see the movie.....and see you at Eclipce filming..... Love you girls!!!!!!!

  • lisa

    all you haters and jealous people get a life. dakota,miley and kristen are awesome

  • vampire

    I hate Dakota shoes!!! she is pretty but the shoes no!!

  • GoCheriNDakota

    this is so cool!

  • nana

    and you know, she lives in Hollywood madness all time! so you couldn't blame her for it and her shoes are really cool for me she looks like 13 without thatt shoes

  • blondy

    In case any of you are not aware, Cherie Currie was 15 when her and joan jett started the runaways. SAME age as Dakota! She Will be awesome in this part...cannot wait to see this movie!

  • Manon

    I love her shoes! Awesome! and since when are you not allowed to wear heals at age 15? Look at the average 13 year old american girl, they look like 18 year old hookers! Dakota always looks really beautyful AND age appropriate! GO DAKOTA! Really curious about the movie too!

  • Cherie Curry
    Cherie Curry

    Love Dakota, but is just me or is she wearing very ugly drag queen shoes?

  • Runaways MB
    Runaways MB

    It would be nice if you spelled CHERIE'S name right. Nice.

  • Toya

    Shut your mouth bitch stop hating on Miley everyone you idiots compare to Miley. Miley is awesome so stop being jealous and get a life. Dakota is also awesome mind your business let them live their live and live your you whore. If I was near you I would knock you out.

  • does it matter
    does it matter

    Is somebody going to clue this girl in that she us only 15. I mean seriously, it starts with hooker hills and next thing you know....BAM! She's Miley Cyrus.