Jon and Kate Gosselin: Divorce Episode?

Jon and Kate Gosselin: Divorce Episode?-photo

In a new promo for Monday's Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin announces that her and husband Jon Gosselin have a super-important, special announcement to make.

Oh dear...whatever could it be? A lesson on spanking, drinking, or whipping your body into bikini-ready shape? We think not...

It's got to be about the big D-I-V-O-R-C-E, right? What else could "decisions that will affect every member of our family...ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace" mean?

What do YOU think it is? Let us know in the comments!



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  • Anonymous

    Farrah is annoying she thinks she can take on everything when she knows she cant dumb girl. she makes being a teen mom look super hard when it really isnt. i am now 18 but had my son at 17 and i am doing super i have everything i would have even if i hadnt gotten pregnant. im sure she gets enough money to support her self and her baby girl so what more can she ask for.

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion

    She is a sour, mean, manipulative women who will not like what divorce has to offer. Rasing this family together is hard enough, separate it is going to be impossible.

  • H-D 99
    H-D 99

    I would like to know why TLC doesn't tells the story as it happens. Two weeks ago on American Chopper OCC went to Jon and Kate + 8 and Mikey played with the kids and the play houses were already up and a week later on Jon and Kate + 8 when OCC brought the bike the play houses were already up and then on 6/22/2009 they are fighting over were they are going to put the play houses and now they are going to get a divorce. So you are no better than the tabloid's you tell the story as it fits you

  • audrew246

    i think they should just stop doing the show and get their lives together off camra whatever their going threw i dont think the camras in their face is making things any better they need to think about their kids insted of trying to get all of this camra time on tv think of the children no child should have to go threw this madness its gonna end up hurting them in the long run

  • kristina3128

    I just think with all this drama thats going on with Jon and Kate, the kids should be the no# 1 priority .....But I still love this show no matter what goes on I fell in love with the kids not Jon and Kate

  • Virginia

    My hope is that Kate is moving to North Korea (as she stated she loves Koreans and wishes she could be a Korean) to live with Kim and be ruler of his little universe. I'd love never to see that sour face and dead skunk hair of Kate's again. I hope Jon will move into the new house and take care of the kids, maybe start a business of his own. I hope the court appoints a guardian over the kids'money so that they will have it when they have grown since they earned it ALL. I hope their bad memories of the meanest mother in the world soon fade away.

  • jeff musial
    jeff musial

    I agrre with Lizzy WHEN did they do the interview? It being posted now, seems very,very weird.. It could be couseling, AND what happens to the show, the season isn't finished.

  • tya

    Maybe she's pregnant again??

  • Mommajj

    We all need to pray for them. I hope that they can work things out.

  • Lizzy MacDonald
    Lizzy MacDonald

    When did they do this interview? Was it this week? Last week? After the big season premiered? WHEN?

  • theultimatewarrior

    OMG?! Jon is so PREGNANT!

  • alicia

    there moving to Cali !!!!!

  • Doris

    I think they can work things out, he made a big mistake, but so far I haven't read any damnations about him, its all been about her, shes alittle too bossy, but she is a great mother, and he is a great father. We all just need to leave them alone and let them work out their problems. I pray they can work things out and stay together.

  • jeffrey Musial
    jeffrey Musial

    I'm hoping for couseling, and going on Hiatus from the show for a while. Besides if they were divorcing, why would Jon even be there. Even for a separation, he wouldn't be there.