Levi Johnston Is Going Hollywood

What’s a young man to do when he has a baby son to provide for and little in the way of marketable skills?

Why, he goes into show-biz, of course!

People magazine reports that Levi Johnston—who famously impregnated Bristol Palin, the then-underage daughter of former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential race—is testing the waters in Hollywood and looking for a career in the entertainment industry.

“There’s offers on the table for a little bit of everything—sitcom appearances, a reality show, some modeling,” Johnston’s manager—a private investigator who goes by the name of Tank Jones—says. “We haven’t signed anything, but there’s offers.”

Jones goes on to note that he’s already come up with an entertaining nom de glitz for his client, to help instill him with the proper attitude and fashion sense required for a life of fame.

And that name would be…wait for it…Ricky Hollywood.

“We came up with an alter ego,” explains Jones. “As in, ‘Ricky Hollywood would iron his shirt.’ “

The way Jones sees it, a life in show biz is one of the few options for 19-year-old high-school dropout Johnston. “It’s not like he can go and get a normal job now. Because of all the publicity. The whole interviewing thing, and red carpet and paparazzi—he still hasn’t gotten comfortable with it, but what else does he have? Can he go work at McDonald’s? He wants to take care of his son financially.”

Johnston and Palin welcomed a baby boy, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, into the world in late December. The two have since broken up.

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