Report: Robert Pattinson Proposed to Kristen Stewart

Report: Robert Pattinson Proposed to Kristen Stewart-photo

Robert Pattinson might not be asking for Kristen Stewart's hand in marriage in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, but in real life it's apparently a different matter.

According to Life & Style, Pattinson was so smitten with his co-star and rumored love interest Stewart in the budding days of their supposed relationship that he actually asked her to marry him. "

For Rob, half the attraction with Kristen was the chase," snitches an insider. "He pursued her so heavily—being a crazy romantic, proposing marriage and everything."


No word on what K-Stew's answer was, but the insider goes on to suggest that, now that Pattinson has captured his romantic quarry, the flame is starting to diminish in their relationship.

"Now that Rob's with her, it's just anticlimactic," the mole opines.

What does he have to do—propose to her again?Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease...

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think Robsten are in danger of losing their spark?



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  • Marlys Hommer
    Marlys Hommer

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  • Ally Todaro
    Ally Todaro

    i love rob and Kristen and I think they are a good couple, but just because they are living together doesn't mean rob should drop the marriage bomb now.I mean, didn't they just start living together???????????

  • papaparia

    Robert and Kristen are the best couple. so I think there should be no break between them. But it depend on them what they did

  • mae

    I thought kristen have a boyfriend? but why is it that there are rumors like this engagement thing?? what is the truth? can anyone tell?

  • Rosella

    KRISTEN YOU MUST SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • janielle

    i really like them both:)

  • Deepi

    this thing sounds like a rumour to me! not even a funny one! how lame and pathetic can the media get??

  • Anna

    That is SO not true, since when have they been together?! And isn't Kristen with Michael Angarano? That's %100 not true... Kristen and Mike have NOT been seen in public in months,don't you think if they were still together(the general public would have seen them when she got back to Ca in late May/early June?!

  • Anna

    This story came out MANNNNY moons ago! Even Rob said he went around proposing to Kristen(and she said this too) Rob also said it took him months to get out of the mind frame for this even after filming was started! Check YouTube for interviews on Rob/Kristen and you will find this one is true. Maybe Life & Style is trying to make up for their snafu! Even US weekly's "bookzine" on the sexy twilight stars talks about this, so no this one is not a rumor,this one is true!! Whether it will ever carry over into real life is another story!!

  • tiffistheone29

    I wish this were true. They do have great chemistry u can tell by the way they look into each others eyes that they were made for each other.

  • name

    what is this about??!! is this real or just some fake gossip?

  • 554

    ya right first part their not even dating y in the worl would he ask her that like eanyone in the worl would belive that crap hello we wernt born yesterday

  • senada

    no i don't believe that their relationship will end. kristen would be out of her mind, if she can not see the love they have between themselves. robert is so tender and attentive to kristen. kristen is always looking into robert's eye and robert does the same. as far as the other females, i have seen rob with together, i sure don't see the same looks and sparks that kristen and robert have. the gal on remember me, rob looks bored with her and i know he only wish that it's kristen, he is kissing and want to be with. we all have to pray that robert and kristen will be as one in their love for each other. i hope that robert will not listen to his family remarks. he is a grown man and can make his own decisions. he knows where his heart is, he can' t fool me and that goes for kristen too. they are in love with each other, i wish they would come out and confirm it. and michael, he is not right for kristen. everyone know that when you are 13 and you think you want to be with that boy. that's puppy love. michael was her comfort zone. they is no love in their eyes when they look at each other. michael is a bore and always look depressed and weird. he not kristen match, only robert. truth me, i have look and hundred of photos, videos and magazine with them and i still see the same thing. love and sexual attraction chemistry with them. sure everyone put the articles. videos and photos together, but there is no denying the fact that they belong and only belong together.

  • Mana

    I'm pretty sure he asked her to marry him as a haha i like you kinda think not i want to be your husband forever and ever. and i DO think that they like eachother but the chase was half the fun for him cause you see him chasing after anoher co-star of his now that he has kristen. And PS this is wayyy old news.

  • liboom

    yeah you should watch SPEAK. Funny coz her co-star was mike arangano and they were BIOLOGY CLASS partners. LOL like edward and bella in twilight... trivia

  • Gemma

    I think rob and kristen are a cute/good couple but what if they went out and they broke up, what would happened if it was a bad brake would they act passionatly with each other(as their roles in the movies require) if their relationship failed..I think it would be a bad idea if they did went out as the movies could suffer if they relationship failed.They have a lot on there plates at the moment with the movies...i think they should wait til the movies are done and then go out and any way kristen is sadly going out with some one ...if they did go out i thin they would make super cute/good couple!!!!

  • pinklilly

    This is such bs story,,,,,,,What this story is saying is that rob is a player,,,and now hes got the girl he doesn't want her,,,,,,what a slack arse thing to say,,,,all his interviews and kristens they seem very down to earth nice people,,,,,I hope this is true,,,not this lame arse story,,,,

  • katielynn

    OMG , just leave them alone. If they are together and happy then who cares and if their not happy then they will do something about so therefore just leave them the hell alone

  • sexy baby
    sexy baby

    Rob and Kristen are soulmates, they will NEVER lose their passion and love for each other. whoever did this reporting stuff you suck you have no right to budge in their business why can't you just get are life .. ?? far out i love them and all but the thing is that i hate it when people talk sh*t just stop doing all this because you just spreading bullsh*t on here .. !!!

  • Bonnie

    I do hope it is true that they are together. Everyone has pressure in their lives, Rob and Kristen are livin the dream being an actor and famous is all they have ever wanted and for them to actual find each other this way is phenominal, especially during this time of war and strife, we want to believe more than ever that America will live on and watching these two fall in love will be the love affair of the this century and a bright spot in the hearts of a country under going massive changes. But I want to see a ring on her finger, no horsing around it doesn't get any better than this.

  • Taylorlover

    You all are freaking out by the fact the he might have proposed in real life, but did anyone catch....HE'S NOT PROPOSING IN NEW MOON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THAT'S LIKE THE BIGGEST PART OF THE BOOK!!!! (Okay, no, but for the other books it is!!!!!!)

  • craziiilexiii

    aww i love them

  • serafine

    I'm pretty sure he 'proposed' whilst taking the piss in an MTV interview where people kept going on about him and Kristen. Guys. You cannot be taking this silly story seriously, whether they're together or not!

  • valeria

    i dont think rob is that shallow you make him sound like some uninstrested douchebag. he likes her not only for the chase but for her. life and style shouldnt even be considered a source. and ps no tabloid should be considered a source. whatever chance they get they want to make up lies that arent true and it pisses me off! im done with the lies i want the truth im sick of this crap so i just dont know anymore. i dont think he would waste all this time just to dump her. i mean he was the one who wanted her to choose he was the one who wanted to marry her. i want robert and kristen together already, ive invested too much and lost too much time for some bs tabloid to come in talking crap like this. rob loves that girl he still loves that girl, its never going to change.

  • RomanticFool

    Please go to You Tube to see behind the scenes vids and look for his name and the vids entitled "crush", "I think that she knows", I think I'm falling for you, I found you American mouth" and many more. These two have been in love for awhile and more importantly FRIENDS. They were told to knock it off for the sake of him looking like a hot single vampire. He was out promoting the movie and basically growing up. He was an extremely sheltered, shy guy. He stated on video at the premiere that he was celibate and a devout Catholic in another interview. He is sexy because he is trying to be a righteous person and not be led by his sex drive into meaningless sex. He is a role model for today's youth that is so indoctrinated by liberal society and Hollyweird that sex is meaningless, marriage is for jerks and true love is a silly notion. Twilight raked in 380 M due to its simple story of love and devotion WITH NO SEX, CURSING OR GORE. Robert due to his beautiful soul and great personality MADE Twilight. They owe Rob Pattinson BIG TIME. I became an admirer of the person Robert showed himself to be NOT just the part he played when I saw his grace under extreme pressure. He also became smitten and/or fell in love with Kristen. Summit told him to pretend he did not. The interview for the 2008 Movie Awards shows only a segment of him stating with Kristen present that "he proposed 4 times to her but it never went anywhere fizzled out". When they thought they were no longer on camera, the looks of adoration they BOTH mutually exchanged told their real secret. He was on Seacrest's show and others saying he could fall in love with her too. The pal boyfriend was a rouse. Rob is a man, Michael is a boy. Kristen fell for him but was waiting for him to grow up and pursue her. He could not as the only thing he could say is wait for me, as I am not going to get deeply involved with you until and unless I am ready to marry. They are both young and have their careers at stake BUT unless Kristen turns out to be an atheist, a slut or a drug head....I think they are soul mates and will end up together soon I think it is amazing that a quirky, sensitive, un-commercial sweet decent young man has gone from poverty and obscurity to fortune and fame in 1 year. May God continue to bless this fine actor.

  • kiwiskittles

    Yeah freaking right. Sell me some bs when I've had less sleep, ok? exactly. theres no way in hell. i mean they weren't even dating so yeah come

  • niceandtyde

    if Rob betrays kristine he better make his return trip to london! We are notgoing to forgive him!....ok....I'm exagerating, but...We'l be sooooo desappointment!

  • july

    Is she crazy? ROB IS BEAUTIFUL!

  • poonam

    they make amzing couple if they like each other whats the problems anway but kind of i am shocked i stil love them i think people leave them along....

  • ha

    i dont think they should be together . . . everyone loves bella and edward not kirsten and robbert it would be weird.

  • nathalielaurente16

    i think they should give it a shot... they should hook up...oh crap... that's the most amazing thing EVER!!!

  • Heinkel

    this is Pathetic, ok, robert and kristen? I it have to listen to them..

  • meehaertrob

    Ie Hopee It's Not Trew! Hes WaaaaaaaaaaaaaY 2 Sexy 4 Her ! Dayum ..

  • violetshock

    umm this is old news. but its true. rob did propose to kristen but it was a joke he was not serious.

  • RomanticFool

    I have no doubt they fell for each other and were told to cool their jets until the movie was released. I also think he is a serious guy who does not share himself or his love willy nilly and if he likes her, she must be a great girl. WITH THAT SAID, I have watched Kristen on interviews and she more often than not comes off negatively. She is uncomfortable looking, pissed off seeming, nervous, twitchy and has an air about her that is not very endearing to the fans of Twilight and of Robert. I watched her with Robert Pattinson on the Today Show including some uploaded fan video footage and she really seems to not like the fans. It's like she does not want to share him or herself or that she is so conceited that she can not be bothered lowering herself to talk to the people who buy the tickets that pay her bills. Robert has been through much more hell than she has (taxi incident and fan's grabbing him and trying to kiss him) and he conducts himself with dignity and humor. Perhaps she is worried about her safety or Robert's who she obviously cares about but she will never be as big as she could be if she does not soften her image, her look, her mannerisms, her tough talk and unladylike behavior (ie: giving the finger and f word to the media). She is being interviewed and says sh*t and F***. She is young but there is no excuse for her low-class behavior. I know opposites attract but Robert is endearing because he actually is a sweet and friendly guy who is very open (until recently). America fell in love with him as he is in real life but Kristen is only likable on the screen. She needs to go to classes on being confident, serene and genteel if she wants to keep the attention of someone as soulful and nice as Robert Pattinson forever. Kristen should count her blessings and work on her image or he will soar and she will crash. Nobody likes an ingrate or an average girl with 'tude. The best thing that could happen is for Robert to meet more young ladies with personality and high morals. He is too young to commit to a girl who seems to be a rude, crude and nasty person. She is only sweet when she looks at him. Is she a nice person with similar faith and values as him? They could be the next Joanne Woodward/Paul Newmann =love and peace OR more likely.....Taylor/Burton=constant turmoil and mistrust. The person you end up with will either make your life or break it. He seems like a rare gem and I hope he does not get a rhinestone.

  • lizbizz11

    I doubt this is true. Not that I don't want them to be together but Rob is the last actor in Hollywood to get married!! Even if he liked her alot!!

  • J.Black

    They aren't even together! Give them a break!

  • alex

    They are not dating! Read Kristen's twitter

  • mike salvucci
    mike salvucci

    AS MUCH AS I'D LOVE RPATZ TO PROPOSE!!! I'm so confused. I thought K-Stew already had a boyfriend and didn't this happen when TWILIGHT was getting filmed!!! she use to have a boyfriend but now she broke up with him.

  • ashley tisadle
    ashley tisadle

    he is a horrible person i hate him!!!!!!!

  • kk

    damn those magazines who's linking every hollywood starlets with rob ... making rob looking like such a player when he's not really all that .. damn those desperate starlets, back off bit*ches ... the man belongs to kristen ..

  • RomanticFool

    If you visit You Tube you can see that they were infatuated and good buddies from the beginning. Rob is a very nice and has not been around much due to being very shy and a devout Catholic. All the video compilations seem to indicate that he thought he had imagined the whole "in love" thing and was intimidated by Kristen's toughness. He was not ready. Then they met up again at Comic Con and the old feelings were there. Then they denounced the romance rumor at the MVA 2008 and it looked like it was going to kill him to say "that their romance fizzled out". The studios wanted a single sexy vampire out promoting the movie. This was first time love for both of them. Michael was just a rouse. The problem is that they are too young to marry (necessary for him to go further) and she may not be a person of faith or as chaste as he is. These two belong together but fame and fortune may ruin it. To Kristen's credit, she fell in love with him when he was a virtual nobody with no money or fame...she believed in him when he did not. Behind every successful man is a good woman. They are young and under extreme scrutiny---the public should back off and let them bloom. See the video called "Drown in your love and not feel your reign" and crush with their names on You Tube. Ain't love grand!

  • Puuulease

    This is such bullcrap! Seriously, could this story be any lamer?

  • Christin

    Old news !!

  • omfgrobsten

    OMFG. Is it effin true? SO EXCITED.

  • tWiLiGhTeR234

    Well that would be nice. But I think that it would be better as Ashley Greene said, to wait until Breaking Dawn is finished filming.

  • TwilighAddict

    hahahahha so mainly people on there sound like idiots, especially 'Alice'. They aren't dating, they had to have some type of spark for filming; which they do. Get over it! And how the h*** do you know they not date ? no one knows that, until they come out in public and tells that they are together.

  • Siljee

    this is quite old ! Rob proposed to Kristen many times under the first film.. He also said he could just go over to any women and say : I love you, will you marry me ? he said that was a cool way to get to know people..

  • lizzy

    Rob and Kristen are soulmates, they will NEVER lose their passion and love for each other. WTF is this report about? Its so full of sh*t. They love each other so f*cking much, and nothing will break them apart. damn girl, calm down! you cannot possibly know what is going on. unless you personally know them, you CANNOT know if they are that madly in love.

  • bella

    I think that in new moon they should get along but they dont and like it's jakes turn to love her o rob has a new song called my bella and let me sign

  • edwardandbella4ever

    I think Rob and Kristen should in the future get engaged, but for now they should take a break from each other.

  • bella

    I think that they should get married but they should take a break from each other and like ya

  • notbuyingintoit

    UMM WTF IS THIS? LOSE SPARKS BETWEEN ROB & KRIS? LMAO. We are talking about the same Rob and Kristen right? They are in love and the heat just got started! They miss each other like crazy right now, so they are far from anti-climatic.Get ur facts f*cking straight! You must be a close friend of theirs to know all that info! Give me a break. It's all speculation. They might not even be's not confirmed people. Put the books down and go outside and get some fresh air. It's summer, im sure its beautiful outside, so get some sun.

  • mills

    hahahahha so mainly people on there sound like idiots, especially 'Alice'. They aren't dating, they had to have some type of spark for filming; which they do. Get over it! don't think so need to do your research before you talk

  • missyninz

    are you serious? LOL. i love them, but that's kinda quick. well, it's very edward. xoxo

  • SJ

    Rob and Kristen are soulmates, they will NEVER lose their passion and love for each other They love each other so much, and nothing will break them apart.

  • TeamTwilight

    they should be together! I want Rob to propose to her in REAL LIFE not jokes. uugh

  • Kay

    **many. wow big typo, my bad!

  • Kay

    hahahahha so mainly people on there sound like idiots, especially 'Alice'. They aren't dating, they had to have some type of spark for filming; which they do. Get over it!

  • Sarah

    I know all Kristen and Rob's fans would like to see them together - and its obvious most of their fans are intelligent enough to separate the MOVIE twilight from their normal public appearances. I take it that this strong wish by the fans has to do with their obvious spark or off screen CHEMISTRY that can be seen all over you tube and such like videos. And I don't blame the fans for wishing that at all... lets face it its a rare thing. My unbiased verdict: Having watched the videos, i would say - that there is definitely a special spark, their body language says it all. If you watch Kristen a lone during an interview - she always appears to be dopped or on some sort of toxic substance. But when with Rob, (she is naturally a nerves person) she seems almost content!!, nerves but content as if she is exactly where she'd like to be, like she doesn't have to labour herself thinking about any other thing, not even the interviewer and questions thrown her direction as if someone else will take charge if she falters. She looks at Rob with awe and admiration - you can notice the sparkle in her eyes - (she is of course totally unaware) and another thing, when Rob falters or makes a mistake in his interviews, she doesn't flinch or even feel embarrassed for him or try to make excuses for him as most people do. She doesn't seem to see the flaws we viewers can notice. she does sometimes smile and shake her head at his answers but just like two people who are fond of each other do in private. The bottom line here is Kristen's exhibition of content when with Rob( i haven't even mentioned all) Now to Rob - Its hard to tell with just his body language, he is a man and would of course get close to his female co-star for his ego and to sort of proclaim manhood by showing affection to a woman. But Rob is known for his humour, he doesn't exhibit this when with Kristen, mostly he tries to be serious and ends up sometimes unfocused, and is also quite content when Kristen is around. He looks at her at all times unless answering a question, and fondles himself or rubs parts of his body when she talks - listens intently at Kristen's nerves out bursts with out raising even an eye brow - like she is making sense, even if we viewers notice that she is not!! If Kristen makes a slight negative comment on him, one can notice that he hurts ( examples) she mentions at one point that his teeth are sharp when kissing - you can note Rob is affected by that, or when she mentions that he will give a negative twist to enjoying stardom in their MTV red carpet interview, or when she tells one interviewer that its always uncomfortable and strainious to do intimate scenes an and and.... just watch his reaction - it may only be a split of a second. But we all know that in other situations he would have turned any sour thing mentioned about him to some sort of humour to crack people up. So Kristen does get under that thick humour layered skin. Need i say more? Conclusion There is a strong bond formation there!!!! - but whether they share our view?, have another interpretation for it all?, are really together?, are bottling feelings separately?, have informed each other?, are unsure of it all?, have decided to wait and see if its just a bubble that will soon pop after all filming is done?, or are already bored with each other as some media put it, are questions going on in all their fans, media , well wishers, non-well wishers and myself''s heads - Something only ROB and KRISTEN are able to answer, something we all look forward to and yet fear and most of all something that can make or break a much anticipated film!!! Dare i say - that piece of news is not news at all, its a piece of baseless crap!!! where there is silence, observation is the key word!!!

  • gracia

    Yawn, celebuzz is only a year out of date as usual. He proposed as a joke, he proposes to girls for fun its just his thing he talked about it in an interview. Its true that for some ppl the chase is where the thrill is but i think after all they've been thru together they have something a lot stronger. Who knows what will happen they are both so young but id give Rob more credit than that. They make a great couple,, seem to really 'fit' eachother.

  • Alice

    Believe this story and believe in Robsten if you go back way back before Twilight was a reality remember that twilight would not have happened if they weren't this close. Kristen chose robert for the role of Edward she said it had to be him Robert said that he only did this movie because of Kristen she was his reason for being/playing edward he didn't care much about the script even it was her. so twilight was extra special because of their chemistry together its why we liked it so much anyone could do a movie but this was greater because of their bond. he has been devoted to her from the beginning thats why we've never seen him with anyone since. they both look miserable with out each other and he looked so happy upon his arrival in tokyo. back in london in dec he looked pretty sad in the pics. when asked who is your celebrity crush he named her and what does he dream about at night he answered Kristen rob does not lie he can not lie. She said she could see his heart that she knows a version of him better than anyone else - they are soulmates best friends. They get each other better than anyone else gets them. The proposals did happen and i think it was no joke rob feels deeply for this girl he loves her and thats so obvious took her a while maybe to realise this but he has been true all along and i don't think he'd throw that away they are committed to one another and have handled everything maturely and professionally. Take care of each other Robert and Kristen

  • Alice

    all those who think ROBSTEN is not true check the facts this you can not say is not true it happened why have they gone home together alone in vancouver on numerous occasions privately with no one else, why did Kristen go home with Robert and his parents on his birthday if things are not serious she sat in between his mom and dad in the back seat. why were they caught playing footisies in their shared limo they both have seperate hotels yet she stays with with him at his even when he left early for LA she slept in at his place why did they dine together privately after the mtv awards share another hotel and he was seen giving her mom a hug she fixed his hair for him. why are they seen waring matching outfits in ITALY and on coast to coast with plad she never wears plad they are seen both on phones together probably talking to one another maybe and texting and finally MA is MIA why? duh Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together everyone believe it its true what more proof do you need all evidence leads to this u cant say otherwise they are not admitting it and they are a smart coulpe you won't find them making out in public its ROBSTEN accept it and be happy for them because they are an awesome couple they were made for each other a match made in heaven lol

  • Tabitha

    OOOOOO This is really OLD OLD OLD news!

  • ava

    i don't think this is true i think robsten makes a very cute couple and are soulmates but i don't think rob has proposed to kristen not when they are on diferent sides of the country

  • Michelle

    it's bull. They aren't dating. Why don't anybody understand it?? don't have any friends??Don't you meet with boys?But this boy is your friend!!!

  • rawr

    whatever. this news is a sh*it after all. gosh just wait till them say yes in front of the fans paparazzi, nah i believe that. not this stupid news!

  • Kayara:]

    Yeah, its old news. He jokingly proposed to her on set a few times. If you watch the MTV interviews, they talk about it. Geez, there are so many rumors about them, you really don't no whats true...

  • Annie

    Their 1st MTV interview sucked me in. They were so fun and comfortable with each other. I knew it would only be a matter of time before Kristen was over her so called "boyfriend". It appears to me from the last couple of months that she has a new BF - seen with him in all her "free - off screen" time. 12 hour filming days then still together. The way he looks at her makes my heart melt! They are beautiful together and I have no doubt that it's love!

  • da

    so lame, kristen thinks of him as a friend, she would never touch him in a billion yrs

  • emma

    this is so absurd is hilarious!

  • haley

    THIS STORY BROKE ABOUT A YEAR AGO. and also incorrect, edward DOES propose to bella in new moon. ppl shouldn't write about things they haven't researched.

  • Raina

    whut da hell is this??? sh*t Robsten's still ON!!!!

  • loveghost

    Alright alright I read all comments.. all of you said this is false.. ok Video false??? I dont think video false becuse its proof...Videos are real.. Picture false?? Yep some of them false by photomaker and some of them from movie some of them interview .. Just becareful with the picture .. I mostly ingore pictures.. I only beleive in video 100 percent yes.. thats all .. About Robert propsed to Kristen I laugh so hard I knew its false this is full of BS.. I mostly dont beleive in news.. I only beleive in video clip thats it..

  • ella fitzgerald
    ella fitzgerald

    dudes, give it up

  • elisssa

    this is an old news, they talk about it on an interview they did last year!!

  • bellabells68

    They are a lovely couple.

  • Ryan

    this is a load of sh*t, Rob did an interview where he admitted to doing this but said he uses it as a joke. Tabloids are so full of it.

  • zoey

    wtf. this is sooo dumb. can you celebuzz people find another way to get attention. Jeez. i hate stupid celebrity news than then turn into rumors such as these obvious made up ones.

  • lol

    you twihards are such retards he HIMSELF said that's the way he approaches people to talk to them or w/e they are a MOVIE couple, not a real one RETARDS

  • dazzle

    This is all true many of you have never seen them interact live together with one another and you call us crazy go see for yourselves watch them together on you tube and see their pics and interviews together then you will know what we are talking about. and no this is not the movies folks this is live real life so no we are not crazy its true. They are made for each other perfect a match made in heaven go see why. u be the judge as for ma should question why hes not around he is MIA thats a fact and if you put two and two together its because he and kris are the past kaput history. Kristen is with rob now though they may not admit it its so obvious so much evidence to prove this but lets give them their privacy rob finish your movie and return to LA and your girl no rumors gossip or bs here people ROBSTEN is the real deal lol

  • giggle35

    So it's official.....they go out! YAYAYAYA!

  • snickers

    ooh i knew it was only a matter of time before the media just decied to make up their own fairy tale of rob and kristen...geesh i thought the gossip was bad before but THIS...crazy money hungry media...please fans i beg u to ignore this

  • Andy

    Rob and Kristen are soulmates, they will NEVER lose their passion and love for each other. WTF is this report about? Its so full of sh*t. They love each other so f*cking much, and nothing will break them apart. Oh lord, send this crazy shipper to the nut house!

  • annonymous

    This is old. There are plenty of interviews and stuff. Rob claimed that he proposes to everyone. During the interview he got a text asking if he and some girl he didn't even remember were still getting married that Friday. He replied with "sure".

  • Bella

    NO!!!! as simple as that! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! they will never loose their spark! the are friking soulmates!!!!!!!!!!!!! They love each other.... and by the way this history about rob propossing to kirsten its sooooo old! but ok....

  • shehlovee

    this for REAL ?!

  • ashley

    omg, people. "rob and kristen are so in love, they're soulmates!" are you kidding me? you know that brad pitt isn't really benjamin button, right? they're ACTING. i'm sure they're friends but that's probably as far as it goes. for you 15 year olds, even if they did sleep together, that's something us adults do a lot...and it doesn't mean you're soulmates and belong together. just a note for you in the future!

  • Newps

    LMAO what a peace of CRAP

  • KristenLee

    I am a TOTAL robsten lover. . but Rob and Kristen both told Access Hollywood and meny other people that He proposed to Kristen on set like 3 times. Rob said that he uses proposals as an ice breaker and asks everyone to marry him.

  • lostmymind


  • dont believe tabloids always
    dont believe tabloids always

    I love how you people are so passionate about this subject, like you all personally know the two of them. Geena361 sounds like her head is about to explode. And Bailey's post is really funny too. How do you know they love eachother so much? It's all speculation at this point. It's speculation that they're even dating. You people need to get your head out of Twilight for a second and realize that this type of story is created all the time and is easily bought by people like you because of all the movie hype.

  • lostmymind

    ok people if you rember back when they were filiming Twilight, Rob did ask Kristen to merry him, (joking) it is on youtube. So is this real or is it the old story revised. If the two are together then so be it. (i love them together myself) or if they are just the best of friends then so be it. They are the only ones who can say. I just hope that they are both happy.

  • lesliex3


  • Katie

    Since when were they in love? I thought Kristen had a boyfriend. Oh well, don't really care.

  • jenny

    ok people i dont know if you all remeber but while filiming Twilight he did ask Kristen to merry him (joking) along with other ladies. so is this a new story or is it the old one just being revised. Its on you tube check it out. I love them together and i hope it is true, and if so great for them. If they are just really good friends more power to them. lets just let them be.

  • Cheyenne

    AS MUCH AS I'D LOVE RPATZ TO PROPOSE!!! I'm so confused. I thought K-Stew already had a boyfriend and didn't this happen when TWILIGHT was getting filmed!!! i so totally agree. what happen with her OTHER boy toy????..... COME CLEAN ALREADY....... HELLO!!

  • Cheyenne

    honestly, im in shock. she is not even CLOSE to being good enough for him at ALL. PLEASE WAKE UP ROB!!

  • LiveYourOwnLife!

    um you guys I'm a huge twilight fan but you guys do realize their not dating they keep telling people there friends they seem like best friends to me, but it has to get stressful when people won't even listen to them. people keep saying they need to confirm their relationship people there is no relationship we don't know who they really are just cause Edward and Bella are soul mates doesn't mean they are.all of a sudden people assume they know who Kristen and Rob are and how Kristen feels about her boyfriend how would you feel if people started judging your relationship when they knew nothing about it. and seriously how crazy are these articles getting "Rob makes Kristen choose" uh people unless you have them wire tapped how would you know! let them live their lives and if their meant to be they will!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whoa..

    Whoa whoa whoa wait a mind (head shake) not possible.. Too fast to proposed to KS , laugh loud.. I BELEIVE RP just play and joke with KS thats all .. In my beleive is RP and KS is truely love each other and they are very crazy each other.. thats all I know for now.. If its fact about RP proposed to KS , proof me..

  • Oh please
    Oh please

    Rob has moved on. He's tired of KShrew's little black mullet. Full of BS..

  • urania

    LMAO!!! This article is B.S..I can hear the flies acsending to land as I write this comment. Give me and others, a damn break. Did we have an off day,and decide to write whatever came to mind? I just can't believe some people took it as the gospel truth. Thanks for the great laughs though. I'm looking forward to more in the future.

  • aarantxa

    this is not true .. i think i wont believe this until they say that they are together & that Robert really said that , not when filming Twilight

  • jake

    even if he did, it would be a huge mistake. too young. they'll be over by next summer

  • Zain

    That is SO not true, since when have they been together?! And isn't Kristen with Michael Angarano? That's %100 not true...

  • m

    Rob and Kristen are soulmates, they will NEVER lose their passion and love for each other. WTF is this report about? Its so full of sh*t. They love each other so f*cking much, and nothing will break them apart. i don't understand how anyone knows that they are supposedely "in love". unless you are the said Kristen or Rob stop putting words into their mouths.

  • tototo

    Whatever...this report is sooooooooooooo lame...eonline is thousand times better...they at least don't have such crappy sources...

  • Megan

    lame celebuzz get a new story. your tabloids are so transparent, i bet you just made up the "insider". leave Kristen and Robert alone for christs sake, NO ONE CARES.

  • LauraAnn

    I think that is a about getting their movies out there and if they act like they truely love one another then they would not be sucking face in public. It's all about the money and fam. I think that is is dumb that your giveing them so much unneeded attention. Rob is amazing looking but he is too full of himself to see jack sh*t

  • ultimatefanpire

    this is actually really old news but he did propose to kristen


    Life & Style your full of crap. Hey got to give it to you though, the fans will certainly buy your mag when Rob and Kris are smeared all ocer the cover REGARDLESS OF THE BULL CRAP YOU PRINT.............HEY CONTACT ME, I'LL HAND YOU A GOOD JUICY SOMETHING TO PRINT ABOUT ROBSTEN...LMAO

  • btootsie2009

    that is bull!there cross country from each other wtf! true love doesn't just dissapear! the mole needs to crawl back in his hole!

  • twilightobsessed

    this is old news! i already knew this..dumbass! THEY'RE SO IN LOVEE!! I LOVE THEM TOGETHERR!! TEAM ROBSTEN!

  • co0kie_d0ugh

    rob proposed to her a while ago.she evn said that he did, but she said he probably does that to alot of women so she doesnt feel special

  • KATE


  • Celebuzz sucks
    Celebuzz sucks

    Must you keep regurgitating cobbled together rehashes of your previous crap? You are beyond lame,Celebuzz


    This is such old news; like before Twilight even came out. I honestly don't believe they're together; it's all a bunch of made up reports so that people will be more excited to see the films.

  • jesuslover412

    rob and kristen seem like a good couple. but both of them are really busy now, and they both have alot on thier plates. just give them a break.

  • cullenblack

    AS MUCH AS I'D LOVE RPATZ TO PROPOSE!!! I'm so confused. I thought K-Stew already had a boyfriend and didn't this happen when TWILIGHT was getting filmed!!!

  • noah

    Rob has moved on. He's tired of KShrew's little black mullet.

  • hase

    leave them alone..your trying to ruin their relay before they even have a chance!!!..they love each other..LEAVE THEM ALONE!

  • Geena361

    UMM WTF IS THIS? LOSE SPARKS BETWEEN ROB & KRIS? LMAO. We are talking about the same Rob and Kristen right? They are in love and the heat just got started! They miss each other like crazy right now, so they are far from anti-climatic. Get ur facts f*cking straight!

  • sparkle

    How sweet I knew it don't think his proposals were a joke we've seen the way he looks at her has been devoted to her ever since. They have chemistry and are soulmates so right for each get married already. Robsten

  • tiff

    isnt this old news?!

  • Bailey

    Rob and Kristen are soulmates, they will NEVER lose their passion and love for each other. WTF is this report about? Its so full of sh*t. They love each other so f*cking much, and nothing will break them apart.

  • What?

    this is so exaggerated its not even funny

  • Meh

    Yeah freaking right. Sell me some bs when I've had less sleep, ok?