RPattz: Two Ladies In One Night?

RPattz: Two Ladies In One Night?-photo

Rob Pattinson may be having more fun in NYC than we all thought!

Radar has an eyewitness report that RPattz was hanging out and drinking with two gorgeous women into the wee hours of Wednesday morning at NYC's famed Bowery Hotel.

"One of the two women Rob was with was definitely Camilla Belle, one of his 'rumored' girlfriends," the source said. "The other I only caught a quick glance of -- and it could have been Emilie De Ravin but I can't swear to it. She was blond and beautiful."

"They had all been drinking beers in the hotel bar and then Rob and two women left and got into a cab," the witness added. "There were no paps there when he left, at least I didn't see any flashes go off so the three of them just walked out of there like regular people."

Rob acted his super-cool self as he exited the hotel's bar. The source said, "Rob walked out with the two of them and he was running his fingers through his hair and he had his head down. He was wearing his usual black jeans and black jacket."

Twilight-ers, do you believe it?! Share your thoughts below!



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  • Janis

    I just love how some of you are deluded into thinking that Kristen adn Rob have something going on...currently. I believe that maybe there was some serious chemistry but the girl has had a bf for 4 yrs! Kristen and Michael Angarano have been together throught the whole Twilight 'scandal' and its current craziness. He was actually interviewed and asked about what he thought of all the rumors and he thought it was crazy. Since he was on the set of both Twilight and New Moon I would love to know how all this 'loving' has been possible?!? Dream On Twilighters! BTW...I am a fan...an older fan at that (31). I first read Twilight back in 2006 before all the hoo-haa and the madness that it is. Please keep the negativity to yourselves, but if you feel the need, than by all means please continue to do so.

  • Alice Long
    Alice Long

    so what if he did? good on him! yeah i may be jealous of those two women if it is true, but so what? its his life.

  • meehaertrob

    Whatever Happened I Hope It Wasn't True ! If It Was I Wouldn't Mind Being One Of Them ! Hah!

  • rose

    poor rob how many woman he date but deeply inside he true love is kristen and when i saw him with many woman it s look uncool when he and kristen together they look really amzing why he have to date with wroung girl he can't see the right girl infront of him i think he going lost kristen i wish they will together soonnn i love them they are great...

  • Ingrid

    Oh camon Rob and his friends nathing more. Real story is ROBSTEN !! I see true love in Robert and Kristen , Much Felling =D


    i can just say: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M

    Bull sh*t ... He belong Kristen Stewart !! OK ! sorry , I'm really too angry ! I can't and don't want believe this news.

  • kimberly ann ross
    kimberly ann ross

    You're all way off....he was into Elizabeth Reaser...I was working there and she is one sexy............... Go to the video made of the photographing the cast for Vanity fAir.....I rest my case.

  • bla bla
    bla bla

    You know it's not true because the story says there were no paps no flashes... this guy can't go anywhere without being photographed! Duh, no brainer.

  • pearl

    I don't believe this story! There are no photos or video of rob with these two ladies in NYC as evidence to prove that this story is true so its just a made up lie. Anyways i think its good for rob to have friends to hang out with in NYC it sucks to be all alone somewhere working without friends to chill with and relax.

  • schmoo

    really * raises sarcastic eyebrow* i mean the guy gets mobbed tuesday and needs the crew to provide a human fence around him so he can get somewhere, and you guys want us to believe he went out with not 1 but 2 girls on wednesday and theres not one single pic ! sure right we believe the tabs ,NOT!!

  • tigertaint

    OH GOD. this is obviously a story fabricated by the paparazzi's. And further more, ROB isnt the type who would do this ''two in 1 night'' Plus he wouldnt do this to kristen. robsten lives. deal with it, "ROB isnt the type who would do this ''two in 1 night'' um, how many men have you talked to you in your life? you should leave the convent.

  • mia

    Is it forbidden to have friends girls? That the journalists say to us what disturbs them there inside!! The guy has to stay only all his life? It is important to underline that as soon as somebody approaches ROB, that's it he slept with. The journalists should calm down because they return their crazy readers with all this stories on Rob and we see that you try to make pepper for the marketing but do not exaggerate all the same. Up to here that went but there, just because he is accompanied by two girls, that's it happened two girls just like that

  • twilightobsessed

    RIDICULOUSS!! p.s i'm really pissed! i just read that he got hit by a cab, like i already said!

  • twilightobsessed


  • twilightobsessed

    BULLsh*tTT!! sorryy! i did not want to use that word BUT I0M JUST PISSEDD!! STOP MAKING STORIES UPP!!!! THERE IS NO PRROF THAT THAT REALLY HAPPENEDD!!! I'M TIREEED OF ALL THE BULLsh*t YOU INVOLVE HIM INN!! I bet camilla bell wasn't even in NYC!!! and plus even if she was there and even if they really went out..he can have FRIENDS! camilla bell is just a friend(though i wish the weren't even that) and the other girl is his costar!! how is that scandalous!?!! LIVE HIM ALONE YOU mother f****!!! sorry..i'm really toughy righ tnow. i just read that he got hit by a cab!! SEEE WHAT YOU DOO!?!?!

  • noah

    Rob?! Why are you breaking my heart?! NOOOOOOOOO!

  • lesliex3

    what a load of crap. RADAR is known for fabricating stories. Plus camilla belle is dating joe jonas and ROBSTEN is real. so just get use to it and stop making up lies. WOW..

  • just me
    just me

    I don't see a story here - three friends out together - nothing scandalous about that. Try again. Also to TR - get your story straight - nothing is going on. They are actors working on a movie together. End of story....oh except that yeah, he does have a gf and what is this about "pimping for years"? No evidence anywhere of that happening either in the US or in London.

  • Cristy

    Poor guy can't even enjoy his free time? What's so wrong about having drinks with ladies? It's better than being alone.... Maybe they went to dinner after drinks. Really, who enjoys eating all alone? No one...

  • tr

    if he is gettin it on with his new co-star than he is the biggest douche on the planet, and has not heard of the meaning of being a professional, and that old hag is married as in not yet divorced the entire thing makes me sick. I am so not seeing this movie. It would be nice if Mr pattinson got himself a steady girlfriend, he has been pimping for years now, what does that say about him

  • evita1500

    It's so stupid to even comment on it, but whatever!! And it's from Radar, come on, that should be enough!!

  • lightening

    More BS again we were all warned that these types of rumors would be out. I do believe OK's story that ROB is missing Kristen and that he has asked and wants her to be there with him where she belongs. They do look miserable with out each other they need to reunite already. Again radaronline is notorious for being wrong they said at MA was intaly when he was not. I agree that some one who had an early call on set would not be out late to the wee hrs when they have a job to do. once again a false story don't believe it everyone ROBSTEN is going strong. Wrap this moive up and return to your LA and your girl rob.

  • moflo19

    oh please, radar is NOTORIOUS for making SH*T UP, and so what? apparently he has hooked up with Emilie, Camilla, Eva Mendes and Elizabeth Reaser...WOW he MUST be a DOG! (sarcastic laughter) These rumors are getting RIDICULOUS! I guess it is a crime to have dinner with friends........(rolls eyes)

  • Newyork.

    OH GOD. this is obviously a story fabricated by the paparazzi's. And further more, ROB isnt the type who would do this ''two in 1 night'' Plus he wouldnt do this to kristen. robsten lives. deal with it, You're right ! He isnt one of those guys .. thats Bullsh*t ! that is defenatly NOT true ! stop talking sh*t about rob and kristen the're awesome . I love Robsten .

  • beth

    Considering he had to work early the next day why would he be at a bar to the wee hours of the morning. I call this BS. And Camilla is a friend and she'd dating the jonas kid. Stop with the crap rumors already and focus on Robsten which is the REAL story.

  • Robsten

    OH GOD. this is obviously a story fabricated by the paparazzi's. And further more, ROB isnt the type who would do this ''two in 1 night'' Plus he wouldnt do this to kristen. robsten lives. deal with it,

  • mae

    His costar and a friend (his rumored girlfriend is Kristen Stewart but then you already know that.)....how is this scandalous? And it's from Radar who is notoriously wrong but whatever. Leave him alone already.