Shia LaBeouf: Teetotaler?

Is Shia LaBeouf finally absorbing the lessons that life has dealt him?

In an interview with the Guardian, the Transformers star says that, after a DUI crash that has left his hand seriously injured to this day and racking up a hefty fine for smoking where he shouldn’t be, he’s setting aside the hooch and the cancer sticks.

In a confessional moment, LaBeouf admits that he’s “come very close to f*cking it all up. I had to give up scotch, because it turns me into a werewolf—and cigarettes, too. I seem to like to kiss trouble on the forehead and then try to back away. I test my limits quite often. I guess that’s what 22-year-olds do. But I’m fallible and human and I’m figuring it out.”

Time will tell if the notorious free spirit can hold himself to his pledge of abstinence. But one thing’s for sure—promising to clean up his act is one of the most sensible things that the guy’s said in an interview for a while.

And who knows? Maybe he can counsel a certain other young movie hunk on how to kick the puff-sticks.