Tami Farrell Works the Miss California USA Sash

Tami Farrell, the new Miss California USA, is making lemonade out of lemons. 

Last night we caught up with the newly crowned Farrell at the Billabong Design for Humanity Event, and she exclusively spilled the details about her new title to Celebuzz. 

“You know it was definitely a shock at first but it’s a huge honor to represent our state. It was a little scary jumping into all of the controversy but I think that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade and I’m just trying to make the best of the situation,” said Farrell, who inherited the title from Carrie Prejean when Prejean was ousted for failing to meet her contractual obligations

Tami further explained her plan to use this attention for good, saying, “I think in the midst of all this controversy, what I’m trying to do is refocus all that attention onto more positive aspects of our program. We work with so many amazing charity alliances, so I’m just really trying to focus on that for now.”

Farrell was wearing her Miss California sash and was all smiles as she talked about being able to meet Larry King

“The coolest thing thus far I’d have to say is meeting Larry King. That was pretty high up on a list of things to do in a lifetime so that was a great experience,” said Farrel. 

Looks like Tami is off to a great start, and it doesn’t hurt having Miss USA judge/gossip maven Perez Hilton—who was highly critical of Prejean’s stance on gay marriage—on her side either. 

“I really like Perez and I’m just grateful for him being so kind to me because it was scary stepping into all of this controversy,” Farrell noted. “You have a lot of opinionated people writing stories, so it’s always nice to have someone on your side.”

Don’t worry Tami, we’re sure you’ll be just fine. 

Have your say in the comments section: Who do you think is the better Miss California— Carrie or Tami? 


Photo Source: wenn.com/Getty Images