Carrie Prejean to Miss California Pageant: Sue You!

Recently dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean is continuing to fight against what she perceives as a gross miscarriage of justice. And she’s bringing her lawyers into the battle.

Attorneys for Prejean fired off a letter to pageant officials yesterday (view the letter, originally obtained by Extra, here) demanding that the officials “retract the defamatory statements” made about Prejean, or else it’s suing time.

The letter says that, contrary to what the pageant officials have stated in public, Prejean never struck an unauthorized book deal, and didn’t “refuse reasonable public appearance opportunities.” (When Prejean was stripped of her crown on June 10, pageant officials cited breach-of-contract issues, particularly with regard to making official appearances.)

Prejean’s lawyers continue to assert that she was wrongfully terminated, claiming in the letter that her firing was a “retaliatory” response to her stated support of traditional marriage during the Miss USA pageant in May.

“Ever since Carrie Prejean gave an answer to at the Miss USA Pageant in support of traditional marriage, she has been continuously and viciously attacked,” the letter reads.

People, people; no need to get the law involved. Can’t you just settle this with a swimsuit competition?

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