Carrie Prejean to Miss California Pageant: Sue You!

Carrie Prejean to Miss California Pageant: Sue You!-photo

Recently dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean is continuing to fight against what she perceives as a gross miscarriage of justice. And she's bringing her lawyers into the battle.

Attorneys for Prejean fired off a letter to pageant officials yesterday (view the letter, originally obtained by Extra, here) demanding that the officials "retract the defamatory statements" made about Prejean, or else it's suing time.

The letter says that, contrary to what the pageant officials have stated in public, Prejean never struck an unauthorized book deal, and didn't "refuse reasonable public appearance opportunities." (When Prejean was stripped of her crown on June 10, pageant officials cited breach-of-contract issues, particularly with regard to making official appearances.)

Prejean's lawyers continue to assert that she was wrongfully terminated, claiming in the letter that her firing was a "retaliatory" response to her stated support of traditional marriage during the Miss USA pageant in May.

"Ever since Carrie Prejean gave an answer to at the Miss USA Pageant in support of traditional marriage, she has been continuously and viciously attacked," the letter reads.

People, people; no need to get the law involved. Can't you just settle this with a swimsuit competition?

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Carrie Prejean was wrongfully relieved of her Miss California title?



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  • rmsnamless

    Selenas & Alicias Dress amazing but selena Dress her way every time she stands on the carpenters for pose.

  • amy

    Selena's dress looks like aluminum foil

  • arcee serrano
    arcee serrano

    well for me selena is the best...i love her

  • jazz

    that should read VMA Worst Dressed

  • n

    non ot them dressed well why should i choose

  • Carrie

    She was fired because she sucks. Maybe she was fired because she DIDN'T suck.

  • Christopher

    To everyone who thinks its a freedom of speech issue, they dont know much about rights. She lies to get what she wants and you are all suckers thinking shes goin to protect marriage for you..

  • Bruce

    The people against Carrie just dont look at the facts. They have just totally made up their minds that Carrie was at fault here. Up to this day, I havent found any evidence on why Carrie should be stripped of her crown as Miss California. Can anyone please provide me with evidence!!!

  • laura m.
    laura m.

    Sorry, but she woud lose - and then have a counter suit to follow. Her attorney is just bluffing to get media attention while she's shopping for a publisher in D.C. this weekend. It's all a game. Then, she would have mega bucks to pay for her damages to the pageant - forever. Will be interesting how it turns out - she's losing fans daily and they're the ones she's counting on to buy her book of lies!

  • Jeremy Hilton
    Jeremy Hilton

    I heard she's suing for $200 Million! I hope she gets it. She has been beat up, made fun of, demeaned and was viciously attacked by faggots who are jealous of her courage. They are all hiding in the closet...and have no balls. I heard she's dating Donald Trumps son, Eric. If so...she's set for life. The Donald comes through again!!

  • Liv

    Good for her. I hope she wins big! It's too bad people cannot respoect other peoples opinions even if it differer from theirs. I suppose I am more objective. I disagree with ehr that gay marriage shoudl not be allowed. But I respect her opionin cause if I didn't then I am just as ignorant as her. Wih more of you could see that. But because someone disagrees with you then you bash them. What about giving respect to other opinions. It's not liek she was derogatory in her response. She said what she felt in her heart. Good for her.

  • JusticeForCarrie

    When the book comes out, I'm buying for copies. Support freedom of speech at:

  • Guest Name
    Guest Name

    I hope she wins big with her las suit. She deserves it for all of the vile abuse her and her family have taken. In a perfect world she should be able to sue the extreme left wing press, like TMZ and Huffington Post, that have tried to ridicule her from day one. But I guess that's just a left wing prerogative.

  • Jazz

    If I was on the jury, Carrie would be a milti-millionaire.

  • Kyle

    I cant stand that ignorant bitch. She has not once taken responsibility for anything she's done (the picures, not showing up to appearances...) she always just blames everyone else and uses the "statement" she made as a crutch. She makes me sick. I'm glad she isn't Miss California. She's not a role model for anyone.

  • Laura

    She was fired because she sucks.