Khloe Kardashian Ranks the Hot Hollywood Dads

Father’s Day is on Sunday (better get tie-shopping), and of course Khloe Kardashian’s mind has turned to a very important topic: The most attractive dads in show-biz.

Kardashian took to her official Web site today to deliver a thorough run-down on which famous pops get her motor running. And we have to say, she made some pretty solid choices. “I was initially trying to narrow it down to Top 5 but I got a bit carried away,” Khloe writes. Hey, when you feel passionate about something, it’s best to let your muse run. Here’s Khloe’s Delightful Dozen of hot Hollywood dads:

    * Colin Farrell
    * Hugh Jackman
    * David Beckham
    * Matthew McConaughey
    * Johnny Depp
    * Brad Pitt
    * Gavin Rossdale
    * Matt Damon
    * Mark Wahlberg
    * Ryan Phillippe
    * Denzel Washington
    * Mark Consuelos

Click through our gallery and have your say in the comments section: Do you agree with Khloe’s choices?