Miss California Tells Stephanie Pratt to Get Real

Tami Farrell, the newly crowned Miss California USA and huge fan of the show The Hills, has some advice for troubled Hills cast member Stephanie Pratt.

Pratt shocked the nation this week when she admitted to Us Magazine that she has struggled with bulimia.

Celebuzz  caught up with Farrell last night at the Billabong Design for Humanity Event, and the newly crowned pageant queen dispensed some wisdom about Pratt’s situation. 

“I think with all of the pressure with her family and the fame and all of the things that are always going on with them and the cameras, [the story is] just a reminder to get outside from all of that, focus on the actual reality, not the scripted reality and see that she’s a beautiful young girl,” said Farrell. 

For Pratt’s part, she’s now trying to use her ordeal to help and educate others. After the Us story came out, Pratt got a lot of emails, tweets, texts, and phone calls from family, friends and fans. So she took to her blog to explain why she finally decided to reveal what’s been eating her up for the past couple of years. 

“I want to be proof that you can change your life around,” Pratt writes. “I wish you all the courage to live happy and fulfilled lives. No one is perfect, but no one deserves to live in pain. I really hope i have helped in some small way anyone who can relate to my story—I love you guys and want to thank you for standing by me and not judging me for my past struggles.”

We hope that Pratt takes Farrell’s advice and focuses on the actual reality and not the altered sense of reality created by The Hills

Photo Source: wenn.com/Getty Images