VIDEO: Lady GaGa Does Kanye West

Yes, it’s true; Lady GaGa cares about Kanye West people.

The “Poker Face” chanteuse performed at the Kool House in Toronto on Friday, and peppered her set with a brief cover of West’s “Heartless.”

Tickling the ivories and acting her usually bubbly self, GaGa heaped praise upon the 808s & Heartbreak rapper, with whom sh’ll be touring in the fall.

“I would say that Kanye is one of the most talented and intuitive people I’ve met in a long time,” GaGa gushed.

Knowing West, he’d be inclined to agree. And maybe throw in a few more compliments.

Check out the video and have your say in the comments section: What do you think of Lady GaGa’s “Heartless” cover?

Photo: Bizu/