Linkin Park to Play "Transformers 2" After-Party

Linkin Park to Play

Linkin Park is ready to party with the robots, y'all.

Sources tell Celebuzz that the group—whose song "New Divide" appears on the soundtrack for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen—will be performing at the after-party for tonight's Los Angeles premiere of the Shia LaBeouf/Megan Fox flick, which is taking place tonight at the Mann Theater in the Westwood Village area of Los Angeles, as part of the L.A. Film Festival.

Yes, we're aware that it's short notice, so some of you probably won't be able to make it. So here's the video for Linkin Park's "New Divide." Throw on some popcorn, gather your mint-condition Transformers action figures, and it will be just like the real thing. Kind of.



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  • concerned mom
    concerned mom

    My daughter is a hugh fan of the show. This is a show I can actually leave the room and feel comfortable letting her watch, I don't even feel that way about Hannah Montana. I think it showed real people with real lives. Yes they are super stars and there lives are anything but ordinary, however it gave real people a glimse of what it might be like to live in their shoes, it's not always perfect. I think Disney has made a huge mistake cancelling the show. Not to mention my 10 year old daughter was completely heart broken, thanks Disney.

  • shay

    DO NOT END i love the jonas series :) nick and mayce cutest couple best show ;EVER

  • Jess

    stallowen3d: your an idiot. theres 6 members in Linkin Park. Also Joe has always been that size. Facts much?

  • Sirinrat Thongsila
    Sirinrat Thongsila


  • stallown3d

    The Asian half of Linkin Park has certainly put on some weight.... try Linkin Pork.

    Get it? Did you just see what I did? Fatty.