Shia LaBeouf Says His Mom Is “As Fly As Hell”

Everyone was shocked and a little bit concerned when Shia LaBeouf told Playboy magazine that the sexiest women he knows is his mother and that he would have sex with her if he could.

Now, the Transformers 2 star wants to clear a few things up in an interview with Extra airing tonight.

“It was Mother’s Day coming up and I don’t have any problems appearing crazy to make my mother smile, but she is the most beautiful woman on this planet and I love her. She’s fly as hell. I stand by that. My mom’s awesome….I think the sickness is also on the other end to be able to twist the words and make it as ridiculous as that. Clearly, I’m not having sex with my mother. It’s ridiculous.”

Shia, is there anything else you want to clear up? Maybe those comments you made being not so, uh, well-endowed? Just sayin!

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