Jon Voight: Angelina and Megan Are Similar—and "Sexy"

Jon Voight: Angelina and Megan Are Similar—and

Megan Fox might not see the comparison between herself and Angelina Jolie—but Jolie's father, Jon Voight, sure does.

During Monday night's Los Angeles premiere for the Fox-starring Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Voight went on at length about how much alike his daughter and Megan are.

"Well, they are both very beautiful women, and they are both sexy gals, you know," Voight told Us Magazine. "And they're both in action pictures now."

But similar career paths aside, it's apparently all about the sexy for Voight.

"We are all so different from one another that we can't be compared—but they are very attractive girls," Voight re-emphasized.

OK, OK—we get it, Jon Voight. You find your daughter beautiful. And sexy. And very attractive. And a lot like Megan Fox. Way to be supportive. Maybe a little bit too much so.



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  • Gitte

    This Megan Fox is in big search of attention. I think Megan is pathetic, only because she read somewhere that Angelina kissed with a girl. She thinks the has a change

  • betty adams
    betty adams

    so true , megan is a baby trying to be a somebody....i hope she understands that being herself is what helps a person get to the top.

  • Hates Jolie, wish it were Jolie and not Farrah right now
    Hates Jolie, wish it were Jolie and not Farrah right now

    Jolie is just a Ho. I see that the mindless idiot Brangeloonies from JJ made their way here. Megan Fox is gorgeous. Jolie's father is a nutbag.

  • daniel

    I thank her heartily bcoz she personally came to Burma-Thai Border and look after thousands of Burmese refugees ousted by the hardcore military Govt. She encourage and assist the refugees within her capacity as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. She also participated in many events of Burma Democracy campaign. So I personally wanted to say that, she is the natural born lady and God gifted too.

  • daniel

    I am dire fan of Angelina, she is the TOP 1 sexiest woman and her perfection cannot match with any one. She is the best. Daniel from Myanmar (Burma)

  • Najat

    Sorry but Megan gets on my nerve she's copying ANGELINA in everything,her tattoos,her fashion sense it's pathetic. Megan get your own life & stop pretending your not ANGELINA,so back off .

  • hensfield

    Fox is nothing like Jolie what an utter insult to Angelina.

  • Girlygirl

    Angelina is naturally sexy & intelligent. She is gifed!! Megan is too much of an amateur & has no credible acting experience. Actually, Megan does not look like Angelina.

  • Megan

    Oh please there are no comparisons. Angelina is uber beautiful, talented & sexy! Megan is gorgeous too but is young, inexperienced & trying waaaay to hard to copy Jolie from her look to her interviews! Octomom tried it too. But there is only one Angelina. Jon Voight is proud of his beautiful daughter!

  • jANET

    what is a MEAGAN fOX, I hae never heard of her? has she done anything worthwhile? I am sure she is NOT the philathropist that Jolie is,. Whatever, she can try all she wants, but there is only one Angelina Jolie, and why does Fox wnat to be anything but herself? This tabloid trash is getting crazy!

  • noah

    If you zoom in on Fox's forehead in recent pictures it looks like a topographical map of the moon. Megan, you're ruining my fantasy, please go to a dermatologist.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    That whole family creeps me out. First Angelina makes out with her brother during the Oscars, now...this. They should really have their own reality show.

  • suri

    Wtf happened to Angelina forehead?

  • poonam

    i think meagan is try to be like angelina but it never going to happen angeline is very beautiful and amzing actress then meagan fox ..

  • puupy

    meagan is not beautifull as Jolie...

  • missywissy

    one of the many differences between fox and jolie is that JOLIE IS AN ORIGINAL, not a carbon copy. Go get some more surgery Fox, your hairline isn't quite as square as Jolie's, your face is also smaller. I'm sure there is another surgery to fix that. Keep trying girl.

  • Laura

    Isn't he Angelina's father?! No wonder she doesn't speak too him anymore, Sounds like a nutter.