Jon Voight: Angelina and Megan Are Similar—and “Sexy”

Megan Fox might not see the comparison between herself and Angelina Jolie—but Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, sure does.

During Monday night’s Los Angeles premiere for the Fox-starring Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Voight went on at length about how much alike his daughter and Megan are.

“Well, they are both very beautiful women, and they are both sexy gals, you know,” Voight told Us Magazine. “And they’re both in action pictures now.”

But similar career paths aside, it’s apparently all about the sexy for Voight.

“We are all so different from one another that we can’t be compared—but they are very attractive girls,” Voight re-emphasized.

OK, OK—we get it, Jon Voight. You find your daughter beautiful. And sexy. And very attractive. And a lot like Megan Fox. Way to be supportive. Maybe a little bit too much so.