Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Do Maternity Clothes

Kendra Wilkinson will no doubt make many sacrifices as a mom-to-be, but fashion won’t be one of them.

The Kendra star told Us Magazine at last night’s Los Angeles premiere of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen on Monday night that buying maternity clothes definitely isn’t on her pregnancy to-do list.

“Maternity clothes are not for me!” the former Girls Next Door girl proclaimed. “I’ll just buy bigger things!”

As far as what she does want out of her joint project with Philadelphia Eagles footballer Hank Baskett—who she’ll be marrying at the Playboy mansion this weekend—she says she’s hoping for a son.

“I want a boy!” Wilkinson notes. “But if it’s a girl, that’s fine too.”

Wilkinson is so anxious for a male offspring, in fact, that she’s already begun addressing the bundle-of-joy to-be—they’ll find out the sex “in a couple of weeks”—as a “he.”

“He was all dancing inside. It was so cute!” Wilkinson exclaims.

Sounds like a family tradition in the making. After all, Mom’s been known to bust out some pretty fly moves too.