Robert Pattinson Is Under Arrest!

Robert Pattinson Is Under Arrest!-photo

We knew that Robert Pattinson's criminally good looks would catch up to him at some point.

The Twilight star was spotted in New York on Monday, hands behind his back, being pushed against the hood of a police cruiser by a man in blue.

Someone call a lawyer!

Actually, R-Pattz was just filming a scene for his upcoming big-screen romance Remember Me, in which he gets arrested after finding himself in a scuffle.

Whew! Good thing, too; a pretty young thing who looks like that would probably find the jail experience to be a little problematic.

Click through our big, big gallery of Robert Pattinson photos and have your say in the comments section: If Robert Pattinson used his one phone call to contact you, how fast would you come up with bail money to spring him?



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  • Linda

    She is what I would call a teen leader with values. I did not care for this look.


    Will this guy ever be in a movie that will actually cheer you up. It's so pityful and depressing that he's always surrounded by all this drama. Misery always wants company. He's an ok actor but am starting to think, why is he landing all these depressing roles. Maybe because he's so depressed all the time. Put him in a movie with Jim Carry and cheer us up! My goodness!

  • becca

    can't wait to see this movie!!!

  • liza

    the script for the movie is sooooo good. its gonna be a sad movie but yea....robert is going to be really great in it =]

  • babs

    if Rob called me to bail him out of jail. i'd go into debt to get the money. under one condition, he had to let me do anything to him i wanted. he he

  • shel

    I wouldnt mind catch Mr pattinson and lip locking

  • judi

    the shot of Rob punching the thug is so hot. Upload that one

  • em

    Hurry up Summit and set up a Remember Me site

  • sandy

    I love rob playing a badass character

  • cullenblack

    Remember me sounds like a good film!!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!! :D

  • holly

    Very sexy

  • di

    Naughty cellebuz. I love these shots

  • RobIsHOT

    it looks like hes wearing his own clothes in this film


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