Uncle Sam to Kevin Federline: “I Want You—to Pay Your Taxes!”

Uh-oh; sounds like Kevin Federline is going to have to ask for a raise on his baby-sitting gig.

According to Detroit News, the IRS has filed a lien against against K-Fed’s company, Gooseneck Productions Inc., claiming that Federline owes $14,371 in back taxes.

Gooseneck is the production company established to handle Federline’s musical efforts, such as the intriguing single “PopoZao” and his 2006 full-length Playing With Fire.

Financial records released during Federline’s custody hearing with Spears last year indicate that Gooseneck spent $841,129 while taking in a mere $544,075. Shocker!

And now K-Fed owes the taxman big on top of it. Poor guy…