Chris Brown Says It’s “Not My Fault”

One day after copping a plea in his assault trial for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, “Run It!” singer Chris Brown has a new song out on the Internet.

The title? “Not My Fault.”

Gee, think it might have something to do with certain recent events?

Before you rush to judgment, consider the lyrics, which deal with a girl he used to date—a “singer,” no less—who got “caught up.”

Caught up in a media circus and assault trial, perhaps?

On the Neptunes-produced track, Brown goes on to warble that, when he first met the mystery woman, he promised she would be “saved” by him.

And wouldn’t you know it, yesterday, Brown saved RIhanna from the indignity of taking the stand during the assault trial.

Check out the song and have your say in the comments section: Is Chris Brown’s new song totally about Rihanna, or what?

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