Hilary Duff Bikini Body: Yay or Nay?

Hilary Duff Bikini Body: Yay or Nay?-photo

Hilary Duff threw on a bikini and hit the water while vacationing with hockey-player boyfriend Mike Comrie in Hawaii on Tuesday.

Goodness knows the 21-year-old former Lizzy McGuire star could use a break. Between resuscitating her career and taking catty swipes at acting legends, she's been a busy gal lately.

The real question is, did she make the right choice in swimwear?

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of Hilary Duff's bikini body?



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  • pianoko

    She is absolutely gorgeous. What more could you want?

  • philolisious

    she aint fat its abot time a celebrity has some meat on there bones.!!!! hur body is perfect for hur so all you haters kan suck it.!!!

  • ..anete

    I'm so pissed right now. 1. it is her body why in the whole world someone else should say if it´s ok or not. if she feels good let her be that way, damn. 2. all you idiots who writes that she is a fat, go to hell. I don´t even understand how is it possible to be so childish and dumb. (I would say SO much more, but I don´t think you even deserve to hear/read that). Grow up for God´s sake. And by the way I am not a fan of her, I just get really mad when I see something like that . I actually thought people have become smarter-grown mentally, I really got disappointed. (Sorry about my bad english, I´m only 15,still learning...) ..and one more thing, I think she´s perfect role model for girls.

  • Alex

    She looks awsome!! As usual... SO HOT!!!!!! Love her...

  • jay

    i honestly feel like they chose the most unflattering of the bunch to post. She's not fat people, jeez.

  • Liv

    That looks like my body! She makes me feel normal! But, I guess I shouldn't feel that way cause so many of you think she is fat.

  • dan

    no wonder girls feel like they have to starve themselves. Hilary looks fine she's a normal average size and there's nothing wrong with that. Why do people think you need to have bones sticking out to be sexy????

  • annie!

    she's so fatt!


    Ehhh she's not fat but i dont want to be looking like THAT! She needs to put some clothes on and wear her scarfs. ahah Ewww thats disgusting to look at! I'm sorry but ehh. i don't like her looking like that.

  • GeorgeT

    Why do I suddenly have the urge to eat some fattening cinnamon rolls? Maybe because Hillary Fluff looks like the motherf*cking Pillsbury Doughboy?! I'm sure you look perfect you f**kin' Gumby! Take a look in the mirror.


    OMFG. what do you mean YAY or NAY. please. post a photo of what you look like in a bakini and examine your floors. no wonder chics care about there weight so much. cos you A@$#%& that put the pressure on!!! I KNOW NEVER TO RETURN TO THIS SITE AGAIN

  • charliemurphy

    Why do I suddenly have the urge to eat some fattening cinnamon rolls? Maybe because Hillary Fluff looks like the motherf*cking Pillsbury Doughboy?!

  • annoyed

    comments like this are the reason she had body issues a few years ago. she's finally a normal looking girl and you're calling her fat? she's perfectly toned and just because she doesn't have the "hourglass" shape doesn't make her fat. I'd love to see what you people look like.

  • Lorenzo

    Absolutely Yay! ;) Her body is perfect (not so fat and not so skinny)! Of course, she needs some massages in the hips zone, but i think she looks really good!

  • todd

    I'm glad to see she finally has some meat on her bones. I think she looks yummy!

  • ames

    come on, she's not fat. i've seen some pretty fat people in my life and she isn't. i will tell you who a real fatty is: kirstie ally. dont call this girl fat when there are real fat people in the world. this will just make her anorexic

  • katie

    honestly you guys have nothing better to do with you time than leave nasty comments about a healthy NORMAL girl!if she were any skinnier youd be giving out crap as well!its soo pathetic!

  • NadaS

    Her body is really hard When she is full her face looks nice When she is thin her face looks scary I guess thats because she used to do gymnastics That sport ruins the body

  • cullenblack

    Put down the fork, fatty. SHE IS NOT FAT, TRUST ME!!!! I'VE SEEN SOME PRETTY HUGE PEOPLE!!! SHE IS NOT FAT!!!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    She should make a visit to Burkhas R Us—stat!

  • drcuddy

    She's not fat, just rectangular. If she had a bottom with higher sides, she'd look a lot better.

  • heigl

    Wow, it's so impressive that our brilliant media sources know the distinction between "yea" and "yay"... oh wait.

  • july

    NOT,she's soo fat!

  • se

    love her body

  • LaRae

    i think she looks good finally a star that has some meat on her bones.

  • noah

    Put down the fork, fatty.


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