Jayde Nicole: Duped Into Cat Fight by Fake Twitter Account?

Things are really becoming heated between Hills personalities Jayde Nicole and Audrina Patridge.

Or are they?

Nicole, a former Playboy Playmate and current arm candy to Brody Jenner, took to her Twitter account and lashed out at Patridge yesterday.

“Listen CEILING eyes,” Nicole tweeted in Patridge’s general direction. “Not only are you a WHORE you are the dumbest human being I have EVER met so don’t talk sh*t about Brody.”

Whoa; strong words there. Whatever could have prompted Jayde to attack Audrina so?

Apparently, she was responding to a tweet in which Patridge called Jenner a “whore” and said she was “way more famous” than he is.

The only problem? Celebuzz has it on good authority that Audrina doesn’t actually have a Twitter account, so Nicole must have been baited into making her ugly statement by a fake account.

Whoops!  Expect a follow-up post on Nicole’s Twitter page soon. Something along the lines of, “I’M SO SRY SRSLY LOL…”