Julianne Hough: Not Quite Ready to Get Footloose

Not so fast, Julianne Hough; your spot in the upcoming remake of Footloose isn’t quite a done deal yet.

Despite reports that Hough had pretty much secured a starring role alongside Chace Crawford in the movie, the New York Post reports that the Dancing With the Stars cast member may be in danger of losing the part—because she can’t act.

A source tells the paper that Hough’s audition “was so bad, the producers sent her off to take acting classes. She’s scheduled for another screen test August 1.”

Not that she’s totally out of the running. “They definitely like her, but the producers know they need a real actress for the movie to work,” the insider continues. “She’s a pretty girl who can sing and dance, but so was Mariah Carey, and we all know how Glitter turned out.”

With unintentionally hilarious consequences? Is that such a bad thing?

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