Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Are Getting Into the Runaways Groove

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Are Getting Into the Runaways Groove-photo

New Moon co-stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were back on the set of the upcoming biopic The Runaways in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and they really seem to be getting into their characters at this point. Check out the vintage clothes and K-Stew's flawless Joan Jett 'do!

Luckily, duo seems to have avoided any nasty falls and other unfortunate mishaps this time out.

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Kristen and Dakota will be able to convincingly pull off their roles? To aid you in your decision, here's a video of the real Runaways performing their classic "Cherry Bomb" in Japan in 1977.



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  • Jani

    Nah, some of you guys are hatin! Kristen looks pretty damn close to what Joan looked like in the 70's - 80's and Dakota actually looks good too as Cherie Currie. She has that doe-eyed thing packed down and ready to go. I will goa nd see this movie and I might very well like it 'Cherry Bomb' and 'School Days' are just 2 of my fave from The Runaways. Joan looks AWESOME for her age, she's taken pretty good care of herself.

  • chris


  • chris

    donthateonme, you sound depressed. gtfo ;p

  • chris

    Can't wait for this!!!! Such a cool band of girls (the real people and the actresses) They look AWESOME. Great job by wardrobe. This is gonna be great. And Kristen looks f*cking so hot as Joan. mmmm mmmmm ;))



  • donthateonme

    she looks so depressed i hate that girl

  • lisa

    dakota and kristen will rock,can't wait for the movie

  • bethanycullen

    god sake. she'll rock this. both of them will. i get sick of the kristen stewart haters if you hate her so much .. why comment and slag them off. come on. get a f*cking life.

  • =)=)=)

    vote 4 miley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vote vote vote

  • nnnnnnnnnnn

    2 me they look realy bad but i lov them

  • iluvrob#1

    kristen is going to b so fun to watch in this movie

  • Kara

    this song is awful! But Kristen will do just fine..not sure about Dakota

  • jtrrhtru

    i think kristen looks more like cherie

  • jess289

    What movie is kristian Stewart in.? Hey is that a wig or is it her real hair cuz if its real how they gonna do eclips??

  • ADDDQ95

    this movie is going to be a trainreck but I bet all the k-stink fans will go see it....BLAH i cant stand her. ok if u hate her so much y r u reading this article

  • TwilightLover

    Jeez give the girl a break. I'm with y'all on the low expectations for this movie, but as a Twilight fan I will watch the movie (if it doesn't go straight to DVD) to support her. And who cares who she's dating, like that makes an actressactor...

  • emmaxoxo

    um, trying to impersonate a legend? no thank you. sorry, but she should stick with smoking her pot with her dumbass boyfriend

  • sunnybuzz

    i think they both look like big fakes and awsomekrys is right it so will be a trainreck both of thoose actors are horrible every one just likes kirsten because of her fole in twilight im diffenetly not going to see this flick

  • awsomekrys

    this movie is going to be a trainreck but I bet all the k-stink fans will go see it....BLAH i cant stand her.

  • bellabells68

    She rocks. Love her.

  • jackie

    kristen stewart will rock as joan jett. no worries there.

  • lahe27

    I think Kristen Stewart looks cool as Joan Jett. I think she will be able to pull off the role. It doesn't seem like a movie Dakota Fanning would do, but she is a really got actress so maybe she'll do good!

  • KK

    I think they will do a good job! they look good!

  • GND

    Wow, K Stew and Joan really look alike. The look, spirit & everything. Kinda worry about Dakota, can she pull it off... No question about it for K Stew though. She'll definitely rock this one out!!

  • bellabells68

    Love Kristen Stewart. She looks amazing as Joan Jett and all the characters in her all her movies.

  • Annie

    They look awesome! KStew will Rock this!

  • oops


  • cullenblack

    I think that it's good that there getting into character!!! I think it's going to be a great movie!!! :D