Selena Gomez Takes on Role of Cupid for Taylor Swift

Be careful, Taylor Swift; you’re totally being set up!

E! Online reports that Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez is playing matchmaker to Swift by hooking her up with Forever the Sickest Kids frontman Jonathan Cook.

Gomez, who appears on Forever the Sickest Kids’ “Whoa Oh,” set up introductions between the two connect via iChat, and Cook isn’t complaining one bit.

“[Swift] is gorgeous,” Cook, who calls Taylor his “celebrity crush,” Cook gushes. “She is an amazing songwriter, and I can relate to her not only as a musician but also as a writer…Plus, she seems so down-to-earth, I always root for her as a fan!”

Sounds like love might be in the air.

Just be careful to tread carefully, Jonathan. Taylor has an ex-boyfriend who seems to be having a little trouble letting go, and that usually leads to some pretty messy complications.