The Blogosphere Strikes Back at Perez Hilton!

The Blogosphere Strikes Back at Perez Hilton!-photo

Celebrity gossip maven Perez Hilton has taken plenty of heat since accusing of "assaulting" him (and throwing a few homophobic slurs at the Black Eyed Peas frontman in the process). And now Hilton—whos' suing the Black Eyed Peas' road manager over the incident—is catching flak from his own colleagues in the celebrity blogging world.

Renowned blog What Would Tyler Durden Do has come forth with a lengthy, acerbic rebuttal to Hilton's complaints, delivering an incisive, acerbic point-by-point analysis of Perez's delusions of persecution. It's long, but worth the read.



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  • princess82405

    Wow... What a dumb Assz !!! He swears he big and bad but wen he gets snuffed he cries like a lil bitchh.... He needs to act like a man an not a fag.... he got balls 4 cryin out loud.. my lil sis aint even as a cry baby as he is an she onlii 8 yrs old.... Grow the fuk up wanna be..... Action speaks loouder than werdz papa, an noe u no that u talkin bullsh*tt aint gonna protect ur sorry assz... wut goes around comes around... fag = P

  • noah

    Hahaha, the single tear running down Perez's check is priceless. Aww, poor baby, let me call the Wahmbulance for you.