The Jonas Brothers Have 'Rolling Stone' Covered

The Jonas Brothers Have 'Rolling Stone' Covered-photo


The Jonas Brothers grace the cover of the new Rolling Stone, looking stylish, saucy and a little on the brooding side.

In the accompanying article, Kevin, Joe and Nick discuss their ongoing struggle to shake off the bonds of their teeny-bopper image and carve out a more respectable spot for themselves in the annals of pop music.

"I think we are working to make that trade without having to give anything up," Kevin reveals. "But I think it will take time, because of where we came from. I would honestly say to anybody, if you were in a band like us, you would take advantage of those platforms too. It’s easy for people to say, ‘No, I’m a real rock & roller,’ but I think you do what you’ve got to do."

Does that mean no more videos of Joe Jonas prancing around in a leotard? Say it ain't so!

Check out the pictures of Jonai in the new Rolling Stone and have your say in the comments section: Do you think it will be possible for the JoBros to attain real musical credibility?



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  • joejonaslubbr

    the jonas brothers are HOT if you even took the time of your STUCK UP life to check them out, you would see that their real down to earth, genuine people

  • karaa

    Boys to WOmen maybe. I don't want to insult us women though by comparing us to.. the Jonas Brothers.

  • Liv

    Yeah, no thanks!

  • jakesnevergonnareadrollingstoneagain

    i don't remember the last time i touched a rolling stone magazine but this cover pretty much guarantees that i'll never touch one again.

  • noah

    Rolling Stone < Garbage

  • ames

    what. is. going. on. obviously rolling stone put the jonas brothers on the cover of their magazine because they know that the jonas brothers will make a TON of people buy the magazine. it's a good idea but they really shouldn't be on the cover or anywhere in this magazine.

  • GayJonasFags

    rolling stone is no longer a reliable source