Cameron Diaz Can't Wait To Work With Tom Cruise

Cameron Diaz Can't Wait To Work With Tom Cruise-photo

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were among the hundreds of fans who lined up to support Cameron Diaz on Monday when she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Cameron told Us Weekly, "I was really happy to see them. They were wonderful. It was fantastic. It was so lovely of them to come out and show support. My whole family was there and my friends were there. And I consider them that as well. So it was really wonderful to have them there."

Cameron and Tom, who starred in the 2001 hit Vanilla Sky, are teaming up once again in a new film.

According to Variety, Tom and Cameron have approved the script for Wichita, a flick about an undercover agent who meets a woman who's had nothing but bad luck with men. It's expected release is set for 2010.

Cameron has nothing but kind words for her co-star. "Well, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be doing it," she said. "I'm very, very excited about doing it. It's an action film, so I'm really excited to work him."

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  • Joxe Arkaitz
    Joxe Arkaitz

    Well said Nana, I totally agree. I like Cameron Diaz very much and I absolutely love Tom Cruise , whom I see as a very kind, hard working, professional and friendly person. And I think he is quite intense as an actor - have you seen Jerry Maguire or Magnolia?

  • nana

    I love Cameron,she is a very good actress and kind and beautiful I cant wait for the movie,never miss any with cameron on it,love u girl:0) and ai absolutely love Tom cruise not matter what the press try to say about him he is a kind and beautiful person as well as a good actor...