Jennifer Stone Says Selena Gomez "Has a Thing" About Shia LaBeouf

Jennifer Stone Says Selena Gomez

Future hook-up alert, people?

Celebuzz caught up with Wizards of Waverly Place co-star Jennifer Stone at the Disney Virtual Fashion Show on Tuesday night, and Stone—who plays Harper on the series—offered an interesting revelation about her co-star, Selena Gomez.

Apparently, Selena "has a thing" about Transformers star Shia LaBeouf.

Asked if she's a big fan of LaBeouf, Stone gushed, "Oh yeah. Selena and I have a thing about him. Her more than me, but I get it."

Hmm; could Gomez could possibly be ready to move on after her relationship with Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner?

So what do Gomez and Stone do when they're not filming or extolling the virtues of Shia to each other?

Apparently, they like to immerse themselves in cinematic terror. "We are big horror movie people," Stone admits. "We really love to go see horror movies, just to see bad things happen to young actors on screen."

Perhaps they'd like to snuggle up with a certain scruffy someone while watching their scary movies? Hmm....



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  • George Edward Whitla
    George Edward Whitla

    would buy one if I could get it with two handles

  • meghan


  • Guest

    Wtf guys. Everyone has crushes on celebrities. Selena and Jennifer are just American teens. Just because they are celebs doesn't mean they can't have crushes on older celebrities. And guys, age doesn't matter in a relatioship. I've seen couples 10 years apart and they still maintained a 25 year marriage. Selena is 17. Jennifer is 16, Shia is 23. I don't see a problem with that? And just because they are celebs, it doesn't mean they can't fall in love with another one. Stop being biased.

  • Zynadria

    You people are so rude! They are just normal teenage girls that have crushes on big movie stars. Who doesn't? You all are just jealous of them, and are bashing on them for no good reason! I think Selena and Jennifer are awesome, and they are amazing actresses :)

  • MABE

    Who cares! Jennifer and Selena needs to pick a number and get in line. How old are these girls. What they think and say really it's not that interesting to me. The rating must be going down on their little show are something. Kelvin Jonas getting married is way more interesting!!

  • Free 2 Be Me
    Free 2 Be Me

    Damn Selena! Wait til Taylor Lautner get his shirt back on before speading more crush rumors. Who's the next popular young actor with a major movie. That's how we'll know who's Selena going to be dating next. Taylor, while putting on your shirt, just don't move to fast though, sort of slow motion you know. lol

  • Ronnia456

    Yeah! Really! So what... I know he use to do Disney movies but them lil girls needs to get boyfriends their own ages. Oops, I forgot Disney told them they can't. These little pre-school crushes are getting on my nerves. If I hear about Selena Gomez crushing on one more star........Shia! please. Way, Way, Way Way out of her league. I think she just need a new hot movie or a hug.

  • gigi

    cute selena theyd b a great couple!!!!!!!

  • awsomekrys

    really who cares? Selena Gomez can't sing or act but W.E i wish her nothing but luck. In my opinion Jennifer Stone should get more recognition she is an amazing talent and an amazing girl.