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  • eicievond

    ...I just hoped she will,,,

  • sedabalci

    If she does not want to change her life, she cannot change her life...

  • scahlesh

    if she truly changed her life from worst to the better..

  • mikolycious

    If she puts her faith in god her life will change for the better.

  • Amanda

    Lindsay é uma garota forte e chegou a hora dela pensar sobre sua vida e oq ela está fazendo com ela, e com a prisão ela pode apeifeiçoar isso pois terá tempo para pensar o que está fazendo e melhorar.

  • Alyssa

    Yeah okay, that's why he broke up with Jessica :)

  • Ivana Pagano
    Ivana Pagano

    i loveeeeeeee him.... but i'm too old for him... sob.. but i cant stop to make a dream about him

  • lautnerlove13

    hes sweaty in the first pic....but i dont care he looks hot in every way..

  • cori

    hey Nicole your daughter is so cute i wish i could meet you, you are so talented and so will your 2 children and you have a great look and a cool husband or boyfriend you have lots of fans and people who love you and think your great and you taught that BITCH PARIS HILTON A LESSON

  • theultimatewarrior

    ricki lake looks like she was wearing a fat suit. holy hell.