Taylor Momsen Is Pretty Reckless (But Not With Feet)

While a certain cast member of Gossip Girl was reportedly busy doing wonderful and unusual acts with her feet, Taylor Momsen has been hard at work polishing the sound of her new band The Pretty Reckless for a gig on Tuesday night at The Music Box in Hollywood, reports Buzznet

The group, which is comprised of the near-16-year-old Momsen as the front girl and a three- boy rock ensemble to round it out, impressed with their combination of extreme youth and commanding stage presence as an opener for The Veronicas.

What impresses more is the fact that Momsen performs the lead vocals and guitar-work and writes all the songs. With the band’s first album being released this fall, we may have the real deal on our hands.

We’ll look forward to seeing her star rising.

Check out more pics of Taylor and crew rocking the Music Box here.

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Photo Source: Karen Hart