VIDEO: Rob Pattinson Filming At Fairground

Too bad he's covering up that wild hair of his!

New Moon star Robert Pattinson was spotted on the NYC set of his new romance film Remember Me on Thursday.

Him and leading lady Emilie de Ravin filmed at a fairground, where it looks as though Rpattz won his girl a prize! No kissing here, folks!

Check out all of our pictures of Emilie and Rob at the fairground and let us know what you think in the comments section!



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  • johnnie hewitt
    johnnie hewitt

    yes it is crazy im a huge fan for her and i did not like that. that not her beyonce is alot better then that with love jayonce.

  • adrienne

    I think Beyonce and her promo husband are getting a little carried away with her image. She's coming off more "hoochie-coochie" these days and should just revert back to her great singing voice and leave the tits and ass out of it. And the naive "blinking " innocently and batting her eyes while swinging that big trailer of hers in the camera is distracting one from a woman who indeed can carry a tune. Remember the way she belted out the song "listen" in Dream Girls"? It was just her, no props and it was great.

  • Guest

    What kids are at home during "day time television" they should be at school, and Im sure its not like this ad was running on Nick or Disney channel. It played in America jut fine

  • team kstew
    team kstew

    When movie realese ,,, it's a bitch day

  • lizbizz11

    I love him so much!!!!

  • missbrightside

    loveeee himmmm

  • helen

    Cute as hell to see Rob and a panda

  • judi

    It seems strange seeing Rob with a baseball cap.

  • Rebecca

    I hope Rob doesnt go to the UK to do a play next year. He needs to do some films to get a male fanbase like Dune or Battleships

  • jo

    Its been a huge treat to get to see Rob rehearse these scenes.

  • janey

    More videos of rob

  • trish

    I'm hoping the tracks he said he was working on were for this film.

  • becca

    Add the other videos of the fair ground celebuzz.

  • caz

    Is Rob's music in this film?

  • bo

    Rob looks gorgeous in this.

  • sarah

    I cant wait to see this film

  • janey

    So adorable. Loved the video

  • giggle35

    I dont't like her... lmao!

  • Lea

    I dont't like her...