Whitney Port Is Single and Isn’t Picky

Whitney Port is ready to take the dating world by storm, and she’s giving all types of guys a fair shot at being the lucky man.

The City star recently opened up to Us Magazine and revealed her new approach to dating.

“Just be open to all different possibilities and all different types. Try not to overanalyze things or put too much pressure on things because it’s just fun to meet a lot of people, to date around, to figure out what you really want and what really works for you,” advised Port.

Unfortunately her relationship with her Australian musician boyfriend, Jay Lyon, didn’t work for her and so they called it quits on The City season finale. Whitney also opened up about her current relationship status with her ex-squeeze, saying, “I’d never say we’re, like, not friends, but you know, the past is the past.”

Seems like the  former flames never patched things up after their very public break-up. However, Whitney did add that she wishes they had stayed better friends.

“I think in an ideal world, of course you want to stay friends with your exes. I mean, there was something there. There was a reason you liked each other in the first place! But you know, the world isn’t always perfect, and sometimes we have to let people go and move forward and sometimes you can’t do that if you’re still having a relationship—even if it’s just as friends,” said Port.

Well, it seems like we are in for quite a treat this fall when The City returns. We are hoping that Whitney’s quest to find the perfect man brings some yummy eye candy to the show.