Chelsea Staub and the Jonas Brothers: Pranks for the Memories

Anyone remotely familiar with the Jonas Brothers knows that they have a pretty good sense of humor. But in case you have any lingering doubt, JONAS co-star Chelsea Staub confirmed that fact to Celebuzz at the Disney Virtual Fashion Show on Tuesday night. 

Staub—who plays Stella Malone on the Jonai’s TV series—reveals that Kevin, Joe and Nick relieved the boredom of downtime on the set by pranking the crew—including her.

“We are all under the age of 21 and we’re working on a set for twelve hours a day for six months so we definitely got in trouble,” Staub recalls. “One day I came back to my dressing room and Joe had stolen all of my furniture, everything from the hangers down to the light bulbs. And I was under the impression that I had been fired because they put a note in there from my producer so I was heartbroken trying not to cry.”

Worse, when Staub decided to dish out a little payback, Joe pulled an even more devastating prank on her.

“I had my whole revenge planned out and then he got me again, even worse,” Staub admits. “This time they had hidden cameras and hired actors and they’re releasing it. So you get to see me almost crying. They’re really good at it.”

Hmm; seems like Joe is a big fan of trying to make girls cry these days. 

Hopefully the footage of the prank will end up somewhere in the extras of the JONAS box set.