VIDEO: Bruno on The Tonight Show

VIDEO: Bruno on The Tonight Show-photo

Never one to disappoint, Bruno delivered a hysterical appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien on Thursday night.

After ribbing O'Brien for repeatedly staring at his "kuegel-sack," Bruno goes on to talk about his childhood and his terrible arrest at Fashion Week in Milan.

Speaking to his arrest, Bruno gushed, "Normally, when 12 guys dressed as cops take me away it's a birthday treat! But the conditions in that jail were dreadful."

As expected, part two of his appearance got slightly more outrageous. Bruno shared his hatred of Paris Hilton, discussed how he tried to make a sex tape with former Presidential candidate Ron Paul, and pulled off a rather risqué table-dance that had the audience wanting more.

Tell us what you think in the comments section: Did this appearance make you want to see the Bruno movie even more?



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  • Robert      Altman
    Robert Altman

    Sorry , Julia this is definely Charlize 's part as the evil queen

  • lapr

    I love Sasha. I am obsessed with those Hot Twins in the movie with Bruno. Suzanne and Nicole are so beautiful. Cant wait to see Bruno!!

  • JB

    Was he kicked off the stage after the commercial? Sure seems like he was. Basically every guest star is still around after the second one comes out. I think Bruno was too perverted, had quite the potty mouth, and in my opinion, I would 100% kick him off stage.

  • kspice75

    classic! Leno never would have done this. Conan is a good sport, even if he was a bit uncomfortable at the end.

  • Ramiro

    Bruno exites me, he has so many potencial, his kumble-sack is amazing and he's the coolest, i mean, he's the one.

  • noah

    Bruno makes me giggle.


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