Who Will Get Custody Of Michael Jackson’s Children?

In the aftermath of yesterday’s tragic passing of Michael Jackson, attention is turning to the wellfare of his three children.

TMZ is reporting that Debbie Rowe, the mother of Jackson’s oldest children Paris Michael Katherine and Michael Joseph Jr., is poised to take full custody. While many believed that Rowe gave up her parental rights in her 2005 custody battle—during which she declared Jackson “the greatest father ever”—Rowe later battled to have them restored.

The judge who presided over the hearing, retired Judge Stephen Lachs, had reversed his decision to terminate her custody rights. So, unless the court determines it would be “detrimental to the children” for Debbie to have custody, she will be the one taking care of  Paris and Michael, Jr.

Jackson’s youngest child, Prince “Blanket” Michael II was born via a surrogate mother.

According to Brian Oxman, a former Jackson family attorney, the three kids are “doing fine,” currently in the care of a nanny and staying with their paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

He added, “Ms. Jackson will care for them and I’m sure there will be all kinds of discussions that will take place about the kids.”

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