Madonna Shares her Religion And Style with Mercy

Madonna is all about showing her kids the love, and what better way than welcoming her new baby girl, who she fought months to gain custoy of, to her beloved religion Kabbalah. 

Mercy James showed off her latest accessory yesterday afternoon, rocking the red string associated with Kabbalah. It’s known to ward off misfortune caused by jealousy and the evil eye. 

Good thing Madonna hooked Mercy up with one. After all, we’re sure there are a lot of people out there jealous of the girl and wishing Madonna would give them a piggyback ride too!

Religion isn’t the only thing Madonna has shared with baby Mercy. Looks like Madonna’s sense of style is rubbing off on Mercy too. 

Sporting a cute sun dress and white sandals, Mercy proved that she is a fashionista at heart.

We can’t wait to see baby Suri Cruise and Mercy James battle it out for the title of most stylish celebrity baby!

Check out all of our pics of Madonna and Mercy at the London Kaballah center in our gallery!