Mischa Barton: Wassup, Dog?

Mischa Barton: Wassup, Dog?-photo

Mischa Barton was spotted sporting the classic celebrity accessory, dogs, at the Harrods Summer Sale on June 27, 2009 in London, England.

Mischa had a unique way of showing her puppy love by wearing one of the dogs as a hat. 

We're hoping this isn't the next celebrity trend. 

Mischa and Harrods Boss, Mohammed Al Fayed, were having a blast as they played around with the dogs and Mischa strutted her sassiest poses. 

Looks like Mischa has been picking up a few modeling tips from her new CW showThe Beautiful Life, set to premiere in the fall. 

At least she looked better than she did the other night....

Check out all of our pictures of Mischa with her pups, and let us know what you think in the comments section!



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  • derrr

    Drugs are bad...mmmmkay

  • raena

    ewww her makeup is gross and i think she is putting on weight. that sounds mean, maybe its just her stylists making bad decisions again. she used to be radiant, now she is pasty and trying too hard.

  • Diana

    She looks weird, like her face is melting...wasn't she supposed to be pretty?

  • kimberly

    the other night she looked horrible and here she doesn't look that much better. she looked great during her oc years and she is only 23 all i can say is damn girl WTF happened?


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