New Details Emerge About Michael Jackson's Doctor

New Details Emerge About Michael Jackson's Doctor-photo

And they aren't pretty!

Gawker has released new details about Michael Jackson's personal physician who was with the singer at the scene of his death.

Bankrupty documents show that Dr. Conrad Murray was under financial stress and owed thousands of dollars, including child support.

He owed a state tax lien of $2,544 to Arizona, $1,578 to California, and defaulted on housing loans worth a few million dollars, including one in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Red Rock Country Club.

Murray was specifically requested by Jackson to accompany him on his London tour, and was with the star when he passed a physical that showed no evidence of drug use.

TMZ is reporting that according to Murray's lawyer Matt Alford, the doctor is not considered by cops to be a suspect and will be meeting with LAPD at 4:00 P.M.

Alford also revealed that Dr. Murray will be helping cops piece together a timeline of the Thursday's events.



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  • mimi

    I wouldn't want to be this Dr. based on what the family is saying... for one, that Michael ALWAYS had a million in cash and close to that in jewelry, at his home(s), that he kept with him at all times. This really makes me wonder, that since now all that $$$ and jewelry are missing, who took it? There were only so many people in that home when this happened. Whoever was there, had to take the money & jewelry. Maybe it was this Dr. I hope not. Also, to Sherry T a previous poster, this article says, Michael requested that this Dr accompany him on the new tour, Michael actually had those promoters hire this Dr., for whatever reason. I think it was because Michael had a hard time falling asleep and this Dr was an anesthesiologist and Michael knew he needed that kind of Dr to administer the Diprivan/ Propofol drug. This drug had to be monitored and administered by IV. They say his “tests” were good on his physical proving he was able to go on tour. I hope those tests come out!! What tests did they give him? I believe if he was taking massive amounts of anti-anxiety drugs, drugs for depression and whatever else in the past, surely he had weaned himself off of them so that physically he could perform. I’ve read that the drug Diprivan/Propofol doesn’t last in the system so it may not have shown up. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon….

  • Sherry T
    Sherry T

    [quote=Puffy Doodaa]why would M.J. be so stupid as to hire this Quack Doctor?Now that Dr. caused his death. He did not hire this doctor. The promotional company for the concert tour hired the guy. This man was NOT Michael's private doctor. The man only went on the payroll in May. He did NOT live with Michael either. He lived close to Michael. The prescriptions Michael had or used came from other doctors that were there long before this man was moved into this picture. The doctor might have freaked out when Michael suffered his EVENT, but he did not cause it. Michael had been shooting up long before this man entered the picture. I think that in time we will find out Michael was DEAD when he was first discovered at his home. The only reason the Paramedics attempted to save him was because of the time line given by the doctor at the home and repeated by the body guards. I think Michael died before he ever left his home. But, this is no one person's fault. A drug addict will get what he wants whatever way he must get it. We loved him, but he had big problems.

  • island315

    Clearly this Dr Murray is one to ponder on. It just raises alot of questions why did he flee and leave his car at the house michael jackson was renting? Why did he administer CPR on a bed? I am not a doctor however I know the proper way of adminstering CPR ON THE FLOOR!! Why did they wait half and hour to contact 911? I dont care in my eyes he is responsible for Michael Jackson death!!

  • Valerie

    [quote=Puffy Doodaa]why would M.J. be so stupid as to hire this Quack Doctor? Now that Dr. caused his death. The thing is, this doctor owed a lot of money elsewhere, let's say he is found "guilty" of a civil negligence suit from the Jackson family and kids, how will he pay? He doesn't care and I believe the Hipocratic Oath Doctrine didn't mean a thing to him. Michael made a poor choice in having a live in quack doctor, maybe only because other doctors wouldn't have showered Class 3 drugs so easily like a PEZ dispenser. Shame on you doc (if we really want to call him that). It makes me think how he got so many drugs so easily such as in Anna Nicholes death, she used different names to get prescriptions. Was this the case also? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

  • Puffy Doodaa
    Puffy Doodaa

    why would M.J. be so stupid as to hire this Quack Doctor? Now that Dr. caused his death.