Lindsay Lohan's Birthday!

Lindsay Lohan's Birthday!-photo

It's Lindsay Lohan's Vegas Birthday Bash and she'll twitpic if she wants to!

Although her big 2-3 isn't till July 2nd, Lindsay never needs an excuse to party!

She celebrated her birthday and the launch of her Sevin Nyne tanning mist poolside at the MGM Grand's Wet Republic on Saturday afternoon in sunny Las Vegas. Music was provided by  DJ Steve Aoki, not her on-again/off-again GF Samantha Ronson.

Of course, she took to her twitter to keep her loyal followers updated!

In one picture, she strikes a sexy pose, wearing a fedora and oversized shirt, saying "MJ was playing when this was taken, I'm not that much of narcissist."

The other shows Lindsay and three of her pals hanging in a daybed by the pool, as she rocks her bikini and signature finger-in-mouth look.



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  • Liane

    Lindsay she always good looking Happy birthday Lindsay

  • theultimatewarrior

    I would body slam her freckle.

  • stallown3d

    Where was Ryan Seacrest? I thought those two were BFFs these days?

  • noah

    Click into the gallery for this story and then zoom in on Lindsay's thigh freckles -- they are just plain out of control.

  • Guest

    Who in the f taught this girl to pose? *mouth open, finger scratches at lip* yeah that screams sex and class. Please GO-AWAY!! Also ever notice how stars complain about the invasion of privacy from paps? Well when stars twitter isn't it one in the same: over-exposure, attention grabbing invasion of a private world. Granted a star has more control over what is posted but sometimes pretty oddball and not to mention gross moments are posted...some things that should remain private…they are their own worst enemies…or is it frienemy?

  • dvdcloner3

    wow all girls is hot....and beautiful

  • Initial_G

    The dude on the left has got got be holding Lindsay's blow.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I got herpes just from looking at that picture.

  • Sara

    She looks good and her bro is hot!.

  • ames

    she is gross. she cant act and wow she just needs to go away