VIDEO: Megan Fox On Jimmy Kimmel

How hot does Megan Fox look on Friday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live?

The Trasformers 2 hottie stopped by the talk show to promote her new action flick. She talked about her career, the movie, and her summers growing up as a child.

She worked at a smoothie stand, and guess what she had to do? Dress up as a banana!

Another shocker? She attended bible camp on her summer vacations!

Watch Part 2 here:



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  • ruty

    selena's dress is pretty but taylor's is not nice "it looks bad on her"!!

  • arvil

    baby u r so beautiful i live in jamaica but am attracted to u

  • misskristimusic

    i like both dress

  • nathalie

    Taylor swift's dress is ugly selena's dress looks so pretty taylor needs a new one

  • adoni

    is my favorite artist

  • Jim

    Thak you megan for letting be on the same planet with you ..Bitch


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