Michael Jackson's Ex-Nanny Reveals His Drug Habits

Michael Jackson's Ex-Nanny Reveals His Drug Habits-photo

Michael Jackson's nanny, Grace Rwaramba—who worked for the singer for 17 years and looked after Jackson's three children, Paris, Prince and Blanket—is speaking out to British newspaper the Times about Jackson's drug habits.

Rwaramba—who was fired by Jackson shortly before his death on Thursday—tells the paper that Jackson was in the habit of mixing several prescription drugs and failed to eat sufficiently, leading to several near-disastrous incidents.

"He always ate too little and mixed [medications] too much," Rwaramba recalls. "I had to pump his stomach many times...He always mixed so much of it. There was one period that it was so bad that I didn't let the children see him. (Though the final coroner's report won't be available for several weeks, one theory has it that the singer overdosed on the pain killer Demerol, leading to the cardiac arrest that killed him.)

Rwaramba goes on to note that she was instrumental in arranging an attempted intervention for Jackson, only to incur the wrath of her employer.

"We tried to do an intervention. It was me, Janet, his mother. I co-ordinated it. He was so angry with me," the former nanny recalls. “He screamed at me, ‘You betrayed my trust. You called them behind my back.’ I told him, ‘Michael I didn’t betray your trust. I try to help you.’ But he didn’t want to listen. That was one of the times he let me go."

(Rwaramba says that she had been fired by Jackson on numerous occasions, only to be asked back shortly thereafter.)

Pretty sad, if all this is true.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you believe the nanny's story, or is this a case of a disgruntled former employee bad-mouthing her former boss?



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  • guest9y

    You guys know that this was a fake report don't you? Just like the autopsy one. Completely made up. The nanny is angry that people said she said this stuff. She says she doesn't even know how to begin to pump someone's stomach.

  • Judy

    I just can't understand these people that say they knew Michael Jackson and were his friends and now they are just expressing themselves so bad about him and even if those allegations were true...He is not here anymore to defend himself....I would never ever say negative things of a person that I cared about specially someone who's no longer with us...Sick people stop talking so bad about Michael Jackson and get a life and soem respect for yourselves...Come on, would like people to get your dirty laundry out when you died and you cannot defend yourself? GET A GRIP PEOPLE... STOP AND LET HIM REST IN PEACE PLEASE...it makes me sick to hear all the crap I hear from his so called FRIENDS...

  • m.s.w.

    i believe all of this bad crap about micheal,i used to love him for his talent and heart but, it was all fake he had mental problems or he wouldn't have changed so eractically through the years. we all loved him for who we thought he was. i just hope he went to heaven that's what counts the most. he will always be remembered the way he used to be.

  • drcuddy

    Kamie, but who is going to enforce that kind of contract with MJ being dead and all?

  • Kamie

    I don't believe anyone who speaks out againist MJ. I have worked with his people before. He has a tight lock on all of his personal information. You have to sign contracts on airing his personal information and if she had worked for him that long. She would have had to sign one. Therefore this is alll FALSE!!

  • Kelley

    I believe it ... Lisa Marie Presley said he'd had a drug problem as well.